By Default

If I mask the sender email like, the reply-to address will show as and there's no way to change this, is the Mailgun subdomain you set up for the sub-account in agency Settings-> Email Services. Only when the contact replies to the email sent from Highlevel, the replies will show up in the Conversation tab.  If the contact initiates an email to, replies won't show up in the Conversation if the domain is set up for more than one sub-account. 

Cold Email Inbound Setup

1. Set up Mailgun 

Check out how to set up Mailgun

We will set up / with Mailgun

- You can use the same Mailgun account for all sub-accounts

E.g. If you have a domain like, you can set up a unique subdomain for each sub-account like so each Sub-Account will have its own Mailgun subdomain set up to capture all email replies.

If your clients have their own domain, you can also set up a unique domain/subdomain for them. But if their main domain is already used for another email service, we will need to use a subdomain in this case.

That way we will know which accounts to route the email to.

2. Make sure the Mailgun domain is configured for ONE sub-account only

As long as there is only ONE sub-account mapped to that mailgun domain you just set up, it will route all inbound emails to that sub-account.

Check Agency View > Settings > Email Services > Location Settings

If you are using the same subdomain/domain for multiple Highlevel sub-accounts, we will not know which sub-account to route the email replies to when the lead is emailing the reply-to email address directly instead of replying to the email sent from Highlevel.

If you only configure the domain/subdomain for one sub-account but it's still not working, check if the same domain is configured in the Domain Services tab as well

Please reach out to support if you recall that there might be a deleted sub-account with the same Mailgun domain selected.

3. Test

If you set up domain.comWe can then use to capture incoming emails. So if the contact initiates the Conversation by sending an email to, it will show up in the Conversation tab. 

If you set up a subdomain like, We can then use to capture incoming emails. 


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