Sub-accounts generated through SaaS Mode (meaning the account was created by someone signing up to a Stripe Subscription that was created by the SaaS Plan configurator in your Agency account) are governed by a set of Location Level permissions that are determined by the feature set of each of the plans in the SaaS configurator.

When the system generates the User account for the person who signed up for a SaaS Mode plan, their User Permissions are determined by the Location Level permissions.

A User cannot have more permissions than the Location Level permissions allow.

Adjusting Location Level Permissions

To adjust Location level permissions:

  1. Go to your Agency Account > Accounts tab 
  2. Click the "View Details" link on the right side of the sub-account/location you want to adjust permissions for
  3. Scroll down to the "Enable/Disable Products" section where you can toggle on/off features. 

Toggling on a feature unlocks the corresponding User Permission, which could then be activated by going into the sub-account/location > Settings > Team Management where an admin can click Edit and then adjust the User Permissions.