To create custom Unsubscribe Links:


1. Create a landing page with messaging you want people to see when they unsubscribe

2. Use the url to the landing page from Step 1 to make a Trigger Link. Learn more about Domain Setup (Funnels & Websites)

Click on 1. Marketing > 2. Trigger links > 3. Add Link

Click Save once you put:

Name: Unsubscribe Link

Link URL: Paste the funnel unsubscribe page URL here

Click on 1. Automation > 2. Create workflow

Click on 1. Start from scratch > 2. Create new workflow

1. Update the workflow title to Trigger Link Unsubscribe

2. Click on Add New Workflow Trigger

Search for the Trigger Link Clicked workflow trigger

Click on Add filters


Trigger Link: Select Unsubscrbe link

Now we can add our first workflow action

Look up the action to Set contact DND

In the dropdown, choose Enable DND for specific channels:

Select Email as the Channels

Click Save Actions

Save and publish workflow!

1. highlight here

2. Click on the link icon

Select Unsubscribe Link from Link list

Click Save

Now anyone who click on the trigger link here will be marked DND for the email channel!