With our API domain, you can brand your system-generated links to represent a chosen domain. We highly recommend adding your API domain to increase deliverability and brand recognition when sending out links.

Please Note:

You may only have ONE Branded domain per agency. Currently we do not support branded domains on the sub-account level. Please check and vote for this idea here

Setting a custom API domain updates the domain shown in the links that are generated for:

  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Calendar Links
  • Trigger Links
  • Review Links
  • Shortlinks


The API Domain is not for development purposes and is only designed to White Label (or mask) the links generated for the features mentioned in the above article. 

Your API Domain will not function in replace of any API Documentation provided on https://developers.gohighlevel.com. Please use the endpoints exactly as provided if you are developing third-party integrations. We currently do not offer White Label API endpoints for API 2.0 or API 1.0.