Select API > cURL and copy the API key

This page will show up after you verify the DNS record, but if you missed this page, please follow the steps below to get the API key configured

Log in to Mailgun

Make sure the domain is set up for US and there's a green checkmark next to the domain

Click on the arrow on the top right and select API Keys from the dropdown

Click on the Eye icon to copy the full HTTP webhook signing key API key

Click on Private API key

Go to the Agency settings Email services page:

Domain Service tab:

  • Each new location will use the settings based on this configured Mailgun API key on the Domain service tab.
  • We will also use it to send the email verification code

Select Mailgun as the SMTP Provider

Paste API Key and select the Domain here, click save

Location Settings:

  • You can configure each location with your client's own Mailgun or your mailgun
  • We can use the same Mailgun API and same domain/subdomain for multiple locations
  • We can use the same Mailgun API and different domains/subdomains for multiple locations
  • We can use the different Mailgun API and domain/subdomain for multiple locations
  • You can also set up a unique domain/subdomain for each location to capture cold inbound emails. Learn more about Cold Email Inbound Setup here.

Click on the Edit ✏️ icon

Paste the Mailgun API key here and select the domain you configured from the dropdown, Click Save

If the domain you set up will not show up from the dropdown.

1. Please set up the domain or subdomain under US, not EU. 

2. Check if the mailgun account has added allowed IP in MailGun, so we are not able to pull it. please remove all the IP whitelist, you can add it back later on.

Click Save

You can toggle on Email Validation for the location. Email validation is a paid service and is charged at $0.012 / email. Learn more about Email validation here.