What is this feature?

This feature gives the ability to the user to restore the workflows that are deleted. 

How to restore deleted workflows?

  • A new tab named "Deleted" is added in the workflow list page.
  • User can go to the tab and all the workflows that are deleted will populate here.
  • User can click on the "Restore" button for the workflow they want to restore.
  • To delete the workflow user has to type in the workflow name.


Only the Location and Agency Admins will have the functionality to use this feature.

  • The restored workflow will not restore the permission it had before getting deleted, it will move to the root level.


Q: For how long will the deleted workflows be present in the "Deleted" tab?

A: The workflows will be removed from the "Deleted" tab after 90 days.

Q: Can I delete the workflow I just restored?

A: No, the restored workflows can't be deleted for the next 48 hours.

Q: Can I restore the workflow I just deleted?

A: You will be able to restore the workflow post 30 minutes of deleting the workflow as the deleting process will be WIP.

Q: Will my workflow be in published state post restoring?

A: No, upon successful restoration, the workflow will be placed in Draft stage.

Q: What will happen to deleted workflow in case of location transfer?

A: For the new location, deleted workflows from the old location will no longer be shown. Instead, only the deleted workflows from the new location will be displayed.


Q: Will all the information be available in the workflow after restoring it?

A: Below mentioned are the features related to the workflow that is being restored - 

  • On restoring a workflow the contacts information in enrolment history and execution logs will stay intact.
  • If there are any contacts which are in wait step, those will get removed from that particular execution
  • The restored workflow will retain its original triggers and actions with the same configuration.
  • If there were any contacts in the workflow when it was deleted, those wont be restored.