Workflow Actions in HighLevel are pivotal components that facilitate the automation and management of various tasks within the Workflow Builder. Actions are executed sequentially following a triggering event, allowing for precise control over the order of operations.


Additional Docs for Getting Started!

Getting Started with Workflows

Workflow Builder Walkthrough

Workflow Settings

A List of Workflow Triggers

Understanding Triggers and Actions

Triggers are events that kickstart workflows, leading to various actions being performed. They follow a chronological order as specified in your workflow.

  • Workflow Trigger: Initiates a workflow based on specific events.
  • Workflow Action: Follows the trigger and performs tasks as instructed.

Action Categories

Workflow Actions are organized into categories to make them easier to find and use. The categories are:

You can access Workflow Actions within the workflow build and then select the add action button.

Below we will break down of each action - notating what it does and what it's "useful for" to get you started!

Contact Actions

Create Contact: 

  • Adds a new contact to the system, useful for managing new leads.
  • Useful for: Automates lead capture and organization.

Find Contact: 

  • Locates a contact in the system based on provided data.
  • Useful for: Helpful for finding existing contacts for updates or referencing.

Update Contact Field: 

  • Modifies a specific field on a contact.
  • Useful for: Allows for dynamic updating of contact information.

Add Contact Tag: 

  • Adds a tag to a contact for organization and segmentation.
  • Useful for: Facilitates better contact management and targeting.

Remove Contact Tag: 

  • Removes a tag from a contact.
  • Useful for: Helps maintain contact list organization and segmentation.

Assign to User: 

  • Assigns a contact to a user in the system.
  • Useful for: Enables personalized communication and task allocation.

Remove Assigned User: 

  • Removes the assigned user from a contact.
  • Useful for: Helps in reassigning or managing contacts.

Edit Conversation: 

  • Edits a conversation by marking it, archiving, or unarchiving.
  • Useful for: Facilitates conversation management within HighLevel.

Disable/Enable DND: 

  • Disables or enables "Do Not Disturb" for a contact.
  • Useful for: Controls outbound communication to manage contact preferences.

Add Note: 

  • Adds a custom note to a contact.
  • Useful for: Allows for manual tracking of contact interactions.

Add Task: 

  • Creates a task related to a contact.
  • Useful for: Helps in managing follow-ups and actions.

Copy Contact: 

  • Duplicates a contact into another sub-account.
  • Useful for: Facilitates data sharing and management across accounts.

Delete Contact: 

  • Removes a contact from the system.
  • Useful for: Helps in contact list maintenance.

Modify Contact Engagement Score: 

  • Adjusts a contact's engagement score.
  • Useful for: Assists in evaluating contact interaction and responsiveness.

Add/Remove Contact Followers: 

  • Adds or removes followers to/from a contact.
  • Useful for: Facilitates shared contact visibility within teams or departments.

Communication Actions

Send Email

  • Sends an email to the contact.
  • Useful for: Allows personalized communication via email, facilitating follow-ups, updates, and notifications.

Send SMS

  •  Sends an SMS to the contact.
  • Useful for: Enables direct and immediate communication via text, suitable for alerts, reminders, and quick interactions.

Send Slack Message

  •  Sends a message via Slack if integrated.
  • Useful for: Facilitates team communication and internal notifications within Slack, streamlining collaboration and task management.


  • Makes a phone call to the contact, if they pick up, it will attempt to ring a user.
  • Useful for: Automates lead outreach and management, useful for auto-dialing, and efficiently connecting leads with assigned users.


  •  Sends a Facebook message to the contact.
  • Useful for: Manages inbound messages via Facebook Messenger, enabling personalized communication and customer engagement.

Instagram DM

  • Sends an Instagram Direct Message.
  • Useful for: Engages with customers via Instagram Direct Messages, enhancing social media interaction and customer support.

Manual Action

  • Prompts a manual action to be performed by a user for a contact.
  • Useful for: Provides flexibility for manual interventions, useful for lead management and personalized interactions.

GMB Messaging

  • Respond to Google My Business messages.
  • Useful for: Facilitates customer communication through GMB, enhancing local business engagement and customer service.

Send Internal Notification

  • Sends notifications to assigned users or contacts.
  • Useful for: Notifies team members about updates or triggers in the system, aiding in team collaboration and task management.

Send Review Request

  •  Sends a review request.
  • Useful for: Automates review requests, enhancing reputation management and customer feedback collection.

Conversation AI

  •  Manages inbound conversations with customers.
  • Useful for: Utilizes AI to handle customer inquiries across multiple channels, improving response time and customer satisfaction.

Facebook Interactive Messenger

  •  Responds to Facebook comments on posts.
  • Useful for: Engages with customers on Facebook, enhancing social media presence and interaction.

Instagram Interactive Messenger

  •  Responds to Instagram comments on posts.
  • Useful for: Boosts engagement on Instagram, fostering community interaction and brand awareness.

Reply in Comments

  •  Replies to comments on Facebook or Instagram posts.
  • Useful for: Facilitates engagement by responding to comments, building relationships with followers.


  •  Sends WhatsApp messages.
  • Useful for: Enables communication via WhatsApp, adhering to WhatsApp's guidelines for customer support and engagement.

Send Live Chat Message

  •  Responds to live chat messages.
  • Useful for: Enhances real-time customer support by responding to inquiries via live chat, improving customer satisfaction.

Send Data

Webhook/Custom Webhook: 

  • Sends data from HighLevel to external applications or services.
  • Useful for: Facilitates integration with other tools and services.

Google Sheets: 

  • Manages data in Google Sheets, enabling updates or lookups.
  • Useful for: Automates data management and reporting.

Internal Tools Actions

If Else

  • Creates branches based on conditions.
  • Useful for: Allows personalized customer experiences by directing contacts down specific paths based on conditions, useful for segmentation and customization.

Wait Step

  • Delays the workflow for a specific time.
  • Useful for: Useful for scheduling actions or communications at a later time, enhancing workflow efficiency and timing.

Goal Event

  • Directs contacts to a specific event goal.
  • Useful for: Helps contacts skip unnecessary steps in a workflow, useful for optimizing customer journeys and automation.


  • Conducts a split test within a workflow.
  • Useful for: Allows comparison of different paths or actions, useful for optimizing marketing messages and strategies.

Update Custom Value

  • Updates custom values.
  • Useful for: Enables dynamic updating of custom fields based on events or triggers, enhancing data management and personalization.

Go To

  • Directs contacts to another workflow.
  • Useful for: Facilitates moving contacts between workflows, useful for managing complex customer journeys without duplication.

Remove from Workflow

  • Removes contacts from a workflow.
  • Useful for: Helps manage communication and actions by removing contacts from specific workflows, ensuring targeted interactions.

Remove from All Workflows

  • Removes contacts from all workflows.
  • Useful for: Ensures contacts are completely removed from all workflows, useful for stopping all communications or actions.


  • Handles multiple values as a single unit.
  • Useful for: Simplifies data management and manipulation, allowing sorting, searching, and iteration of data collections.

Drip Mode

  • Drips contacts through the workflow in batch sizes.
  • Useful for: Prevents overloading communication channels by controlling the rate at which contacts move through the workflow, maintaining reputation and delivery rates.

Text Formatter

  • Formats text.
  • Useful for: Facilitates transformation of text data into a desired format, improving data handling and management.

Custom Code

  • Executes custom code.
  • Useful for: Provides advanced capabilities for running custom scripts or programs, allowing complex data processing and automation.

Workflow AI Action

AI Prompt (GPT-3 Powered): 

  • Generates AI responses based on given prompts.
  • Useful for: Automates AI-driven responses for better engagement.

Eliza Actions

Eliza AI Appointment Booking: 

  • Utilizes the Eliza platform in the Marketplace services to automate appointment bookings using AI.
  • Useful for: Automating appointment scheduling conversations with AI.

Send to Eliza Agent Platform: 

  • Sends the contact to the Eliza Agent Platform.
  • Useful for: Utilizing the Eliza Agent Platform service when enabled.

Appointments Actions

Update Appointment Status: 

  • Updates appointment status (e.g., rescheduled, no show, completed).
  • Useful for: Managing appointment statuses and bookings on your calendars.

Generate One Time Booking Link: 

  • Generates a one-time booking link to send to clients.
  • Useful for: Sending a booking link via SMS or email to protect your calendar from multiple bookings.

Opportunities Actions

Create/Update Opportunity: 

  • Creates or updates an opportunity in the pipeline.
  • Useful for: Managing opportunity pipelines and moving opportunities along the pipeline.

Remove Opportunity: 

  • Removes the opportunity from specific or multiple pipelines.
  • Useful for: Managing opportunities by removing them from pipelines.

Payments Actions

Stripe One-Time Charge

  • Charges a one-time fee via Stripe using the Stripe Customer ID ("cus_id").
  • Useful for: Sending one-time charges to customers via integrated Stripe.

Send Invoice: 

  • Sends an invoice created in HighLevel to the customer.
  • Useful for: Automating invoice management and sending invoices to customers.

Send Documents and Contracts: 

  • Sends a document or contract from a template to the customer.
  • Useful for: Automating the process of sending contracts or documents to customers.

Marketing Actions

Add to Google Analytics: 

  • Adds contact data to Google Analytics.
  • Useful for: Managing contact data for ads or analytics purposes.

Add to Google AdWords: 

  • Adds contact to Google AdWords.
  • Useful for: Managing Google AdWords data and running ads.

Add to Custom Audience (Facebook): 

  • Adds contact to a custom audience in Facebook.
  • Useful for: Managing Facebook ad targeting and audience segmentation.

Remove from Custom Audience (Facebook): 

  • Removes contact from a custom audience in Facebook.
  • Useful for: Managing Facebook ad targeting and audience segmentation.

Facebook Conversion API: 

  • Sends conversion data to Facebook for better ad tracking.
  • Useful for: Tracking conversions for Facebook ads.

Affiliate Actions

Add to Affiliate Manager: 

  • Adds a new affiliate to the affiliate manager.
  • Useful for: Automating affiliate management and adding new affiliates.

Update Affiliate: 

  • Updates existing affiliate details.
  • Useful for: Managing and updating affiliate information.

Add/Remove from Affiliate Campaign: 

  • Adds or removes affiliate from a specific campaign.
  • Useful for: Managing affiliate campaigns and promotions.

Courses Actions

Course Grant Offer: 

  • Grants a course offer to a contact.
  • Useful for: Fulfilling purchases of course offers.

Course Revoke Offer: 

  • Revokes a course offer.
  • Useful for: Managing course offerings.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Actions

Gather Input on Call: 

  • Gathers input from callers to determine their path in the IVR.
  • Useful for: Creating IVR branches based on caller input.

Play Message: 

  • Plays a message within the IVR journey.
  • Useful for: Providing information or instructions during the IVR experience.

Connect to Call: 

  • Connects the call to a specific user or number.
  • Useful for: Forwarding calls to the appropriate user or number.

End Call: 

  • Ends the call.
  • Useful for: Ending the call after a specific action or message.

Record Voicemail: 

  • Records a voicemail from the caller.
  • Useful for: Allowing callers to leave voicemail messages.

Communities Actions

Grant Group Access: 

  • Grants access to a specific community group.
  • Useful for: Managing access to community groups.

Revoke Group Access: 

  • Removes access from a specific community group.
  • Useful for: Managing access to community groups.

Workflow actions in HighLevel are a powerful way to manage contacts and automate business processes, streamlining tasks such as appointment scheduling, opportunity management, payments, marketing, affiliate management, course offerings, IVR interactions, and community access.