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Enhancing your online reputation and building trust with customers is now easier than ever with our Reviews AI feature. Whether you want to make your Google and Facebook review management more efficient or automate your review responses, our feature offers two distinct modes: Suggestive and Auto-Pilot. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to make the most of these modes and explain the pricing structure.


  1. - Agencies on Any Plan can access Reviews AI. 
    - Agencies can enable Reviews AI for all Locations in the Company Settings Page
    - Reviews AI is follows pay-per-usage pricing and one review AI costs 0.08$ per response
    - There are three free trials in the suggestive mode after the first use. Every reviews sent via Auto-response mode will be charged 0.08$/review response

How to enable Reviews AI for all your sub-accounts:

For all the existing Agencies, Reviews AI is turned off. They will require to enable it at Agency level on ‘Company’ page. Once turned on All the sub account will have Reviews AI option at Reputation settings page.

How to enable Reviews AI for selective sub-accounts:

The Agencies can enable/disable Reviews AI for specific sub-accounts by navigating to Settings -> Reviews AI

Getting Started with Reviews AI

Accessing Reviews AI: To get started, log in to your account and navigate to Reputation tab.  The Reviews AI feature is available on the Reviews Section. 

a) Suggestive Mode: Crafting Authentic Responses

Suggestive Mode helps you compose personalised and genuine review responses. It provides suggestions based on the review content, making it easier to engage with your customers authentically. In suggestive Mode users have to select the AI Reply button, and the Reviews AI will generate unique review responses.


Note: You can regenerate the review responses. Each regeneration will cost 0.08$ after the first three free trials are consumed.

b) Auto-Pilot Mode: Streamlining Your Review Management

Auto-Pilot Mode is designed for efficiency. It allows you to automate the review response process, saving you time while maintaining a professional and personalised touch.

With Auto-Pilot Mode, you have the power to:

  • Customise automated responses based on star ratings.
  • Define the wait time before sending each response.
  • Add a personal touch with review response footers, including thank-you notes or your business name.
  • Tailor auto responses for specific sources, such as Facebook and Google.


Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and affordability:

  • 3 free Responses in suggestive mode: Delight in the capabilities of Reviews AI with your first response being the only chargeable one. After that, enjoy three responses on the house.

  • Subsequent Responses: Pricing at a Glance: Starting from the 5th response, all additional responses are charged at a competitive rate of 0.08 cents per response.

  • All Responses via Automated Response Mode: Enjoy the same affordable rate of 0.08 cents per response for all automated responses.

  • Managing Your Billing: Keep track of your usage and manage your billing conveniently through your account settings.

Best Practices for Reviews AI:

  • Tailoring Responses to Your Brand: Customise suggested responses to align with your brand's tone and personality.
  • Monitoring and Customising Auto-Pilot Responses: Regularly review and adjust Auto-Pilot responses to ensure they reflect your brand's values and standards.

  • Engaging with Customers Beyond Reviews: While Reviews AI can handle responses efficiently, don't forget the importance of deeper customer engagement beyond review replies.

Re-billing the costs to your clients and making a profit:

Once you have enabled Reviews AI in your agency account, it will automatically enable all your clients to use it. You can bill your clients at cost or add an additional markup of your choosing.

How to turn on re-billing for my clients?

  1. Ensure you have enabled Reviews AI for your Agency first.
  2. If the sub-account isn't in SaaS Mode already, switch the sub-account into SaaS Mode by going into your Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the sub-account > Click the three dots icon and select "Switch to SaaS." Please refer to this article to learn How to convert a location to SaaS.
  3. In Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the Sub-Account > Click the View Details link > Scroll to the Reviews AI Re-Sell Settings section and toggle it on.
  4. Use the slider to set the amount of markup you like to make and hit save.
  5. Rinse and repeat for all your Sub-Accounts where you wish to re-bill for usage.

How does re-billing work?

This is very similar to other products that use re-billing or reselling models in the platform. Just like LC Phone or LC Email re-billing, re-billing of the Content AI also utilizes "credits" from the agency wallet & the location wallet, respectively.