Getting started as an affiliate can be intimidating, but HighLevel has a multitude of resources to help you keep your referrals engaged with the platform, understand its value, and leverage its features for success.

Note: This article covers affiliate strategy. If you're looking for help with finding your affiliate link or navigating the Affiliate Portal, please refer to this article. If you need help getting payments set up, please refer to this article.

Helping your referral choose the right HighLevel plan.

Understanding the needs of your referral is key to retention and the customer’s journey, so make sure to suggest the best plan for them!

We have 3 unique plans tailored to accommodate marketers with varying needs and experience.

Starter ($97/mo): Great for brand new marketers or small business owners. Access to website building, online booking, social media posting, and more. Unlimited contacts & users, but only 3 subaccounts.


Unlimited ($297/mo): Adds unlimited subaccounts, API access (for integrations), and a branded desktop app and more customizability for your whitelabel.

Pro SaaS ($497/mo): Adds more extensive API access, the Eliza booking bot (conversational AI), split testing for your funnels, and the SaaS configurator.

If you want more help deciding on which plan is the best choice for your referrals, hop in one of our weekly Affiliate Strategy Sessions to get tips from other affiliates and our HighLevel Affiliate Managers.

Resources for your referrals once they sign up.

Now that your referral has selected a plan and signed up for the platform, be sure they have the resources they need to get acquainted with the platform and its breadth of features.

There are two easy ways to get them a beginner walkthrough:

  • HighLevel University is our integrated course that offers a walkthrough of the platform, as well as a bunch of quick wins for their business that can be leveraged using HighLevel.

  • If your referral is in their trial period, make sure they take advantage of their free Kickoff Call for a personalized walkthrough of key features with a HighLevel team member. (New customers who take advantage of their kickoff call are over 50% more likely to stay on the platform!)

Keeping your referrals supported after their trial period.

HighLevel is a feature-rich and robust platform, so making sure your referrals have all the resources they need to succeed is just as important after their trial period ends.

  • Our Customer Success team is available 24/7 to provide one-on-one assistance with strategy and implementation-related questions, and helping your referral put their business into action.

  • The Customer Support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any technical issues your referrals might face.

  • HighLevel offers an abundance of educational materials through live events, webinars, and integrated courses. Note: be sure to encourage your referral to attend our monthly virtual workshops.

Most importantly: we suggest you encourage your affiliates to reach out to you directly for any guidance or assistance they may need.