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How it Works?

Now, you can effortlessly view your calendar, appointments and confirmation emails in your default user timezone, providing a more convenient and efficient experience for users across different locations. 

Imagine your business is in New York, USA (Eastern Standard Time - EST). User A is in Paris, France (Central European Time - CET), and User B is in California, USA (Pacific Standard Time - PST). 

With the default user timezone set to CET for User A, they see all appointments in Central European Time, while User B views appointments in PST. This eliminates the need for manual conversion, letting users check appointments directly in their own timezone. 

Note: On the Calendar View and Appointment List, you can now identify the timezone you are currently viewing in.

Calendar View

Appointment List

Setting Your Timezone

To set your timezone:

  • Navigate to Settings > My Profile.
  • Scroll to User Availability and set your timezone.

Ensuring Accurate Availability:

If Your User Timezone is Set to Your Actual Location:

  • Simply input your usual availability, e.g., 9 am to 5 pm.

If Your User Timezone is Set to a Different Location (for Viewing Appointments):

  • Manually adjust your availability to match the selected timezone. For example, if your current location is in the UK (GMT +00:00), but you want to operate in New York (GMT -05:00), ensure to adjust your availability accordingly to align with the New York timezone.

Note: These changes are applicable only in the Calendar Module: Calendar View, Appointment List, Confirmation Emails.

To be implemented for:
Appointments under Contacts, Conversations and Opportunities


Q: I want to see appointments in the business timezone. What do I do?

A: To view appointments in the business timezone, set your user timezone to match the business timezone. For example, User A can set their timezone as EST to view appointments in the New York timezone.