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  • What are Nested Folders?

  • How to create a Nested Folder?

  • How to move workflows within Nested Folders?

  • How to create a New Folder while moving workflows?

  • How permissions works for the Nested Folders?

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What are Nested Folders?

Nested folders allow you to create a hierarchy of folders within folders, organising your workflows more efficiently. This means you can group related workflows together, making them easier to find and manage.

How to create a Nested Folder?

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to create the nested folder.
  2. Click the "Create New Folder" button.
  3. Enter a name for the new folder and click "Create." The new folder will be created within the current folder.

How to move folders within Nested Folders?

  1. Select the workflows you want to move.
  2. Click the "Move to Folder" button.
  3. Choose the destination folder from the dropdown list, which displays a tree structure of nested folders.
  4. Click "Move."

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How to create a New Folder while moving workflows?

  1. During the "Move to Folder" process, click the "New Folder" button in the dropdown list.
  2. Enter a name for the new folder and click "Create."
  3. Select the newly created folder as the destination and click "Move."

How do permissions works for Nested Folders?

  1. Root Level Permissions:
    1. When a user creates a folder or a workflow within an existing folder, the permissions of the new folder or workflow inherits from its parent.
    2. When a folder is created within a folder with agency admin permission, the agency admin permission will flow down to the nested folder
  2. Sub-Folder or Nested Folder Permissions: 
    1. When a permission is changed for the Nested folders it won't change the permission for Root folder
    2. If permission is changed for root folders from Admin to Agency then the permission for the nested folder should not change. Stricter permissions are retained.
    3. If a sub-folder or workflow is moved to the root level, it will adopt the permissions of the root folder.
    4. If a folder with Agency permission is moved out of the nested folder it should retain the Agency Permission.

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1. What will happen when a folder is Deleted?

When you delete a folder, all nested folders and workflows within it moves to the parent level.

2. What will happen incase of a snapshot?

Incase of a snapshot, the folder structure would not be retained. All the workflows and folders will be present in the root folder in the new account.