Workflow folder permissions is only available on the Agency Pro Plan & above.

Restrict access to any folder containing workflows with Folder Permissions

Folders allow you to organize content and workflows allow you to automate tasks. You spend hours putting together battle-tested workflows, the last thing you want is unauthorized changes. 

With folder permissions users without access, won't be able to see, create and edit any workflows within that folder. So, if the folder permissions are set to agency admin, then only users with the agency admin role can see, create and edit workflows.

How-to Add Folder Permissions Within a Workflow Folder

Hover over or create a Workflow folder > Click on the "Actions" drop-down button  > Manage Permissions > Select User Type & Role who will have access to this folder and workflows.

Please Note:

All users regardless of thier folder permissions will still be allowed to view the list of workflows the contact belongs to inside the Contact Details Page. Users will also have the ability to add / remove contacts to/ from any Workflow. 

What Access is Granted by User Type and Role?

Folder Permission is set toAccess granted for
Agency AdminOnly Agency Admin
Agency UserAgency Admin & Agency User
Account AdminAgency Admin, Agency User, & Account Admin 
AllAll Users

What a User Without Access Will See