In this article, we will guide you on how to resell marketplace apps built by 3rd-party app developers and set custom prices for your sub-accounts.



Connect your Agency Stripe Account

Your agency Stripe account will be used to collect subscription payments for marketplace apps from your clients. You can connect your agency Stripe account to your agency by following this help article -

Setting your App Price

  • You can set your agency-wide offer by configuring it on the Agency left menu -> Reselling tab.

  • If the app provides multiple pricing plans, you can set your price for each pricing plan offered by the app. 

Note: Apps which matches below criteria are applicable for reselling;

  • The app needs to be under paid model.
  • The app has set their payment preference to collect payment within Highlevel platform.
  • The app is under distribution type - Subaccount or Agency & Subaccount. 

Personalizing offers for certain clients

If you wish to offer a different rate to certain clients, you can do so by following these two steps:

Step 1: Go to Sub-Account List -> search for Client -> Click on three dots -> Manage Clients

Step 2: Scroll down to the reselling section -> Change the App Pricing -> Hit Save

How is the experience for your client?

  • Your customers can discover the App marketplace in the left menu bar. To find more details, click here
  • Click on an app and click on install. 
  • While installing, your customers will view the prices set by you. They can select a plan, make the payment and install the app.
  • Note: Your customers need to have card details added to their account to complete the payment & installation. If not, they can visit the company billing page (under sub-account settings), add their card details, come back to the app page and try installing again. 

How does the billing work?

When your client installs a paid app it creates 2 subscriptions in the System

  • Between your client's card & your Stripe Account so you can collect payment from your clients.
  • Between HighLevel & your Stripe account.