Client Portal

How can my customers use the Client Portal?
The Client Portal is a one-stop digital hub designed to offer your customers an easy, streamlined, and interactive engagement with your business. This guide...
Tue, 17 Oct, 2023 at 5:49 AM
How to set up the Client Portal?
The client portal is a unified platform designed to provide seamless interactions between clients and their respective sub-accounts. It offers a secure spac...
Wed, 3 Jan, 2024 at 2:37 AM
Client Portal Dashboard
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Wed, 13 Mar, 2024 at 10:14 AM
Client Portal - Single Sign On (SSO) and Magic Links
We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature in our client portal experience—Single Sign-On (SSO) Magic Links for individual client portal apps! Thi...
Mon, 8 Jan, 2024 at 8:27 AM
Notifications inside Client Portal
The Client Portal Notifications feature consolidates all notifications from the client portal and its associated child apps into a centralised location – th...
Wed, 20 Mar, 2024 at 11:52 AM
App Permissions in Client Portal: Enabling/Disabling a child app
We are excited to introduce a new level of customization and control within the client portal through our latest feature: App Permissions. This update allow...
Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 10:16 AM
Quick Start Guide - Kollab (iOS & Android)
More Tutorials from the Community This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything from downloading and setting up...
Thu, 6 Jun, 2024 at 1:47 PM
How to Use Assignments in Courses
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Thu, 6 Jun, 2024 at 3:46 PM