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Courses - Assignments now available in PWA

Assignments in Mobile:
No more being tied to your desk! With our latest update, you can now take your assignments on the go, right from your mobile device. Whether you're lounging at the park or stuck in traffic (as a passenger, of course), managing your assignments has never been easier.
  • Mobile-friendly assignment now available on your phone. Can be accessed through mobile browser and PWA.
  • Check out your latest assignment submission in a snap!
  • Peek at your instructor's feedback without breaking a sweat!
Assignment UI optimisations in Desktop for all themes:
  • Experience a revamped confirmation message toggle and a sleek new design for mobile devices!
  • We've created a tidy gap between assignment instructions and your submitted answers and files.
  • We've boosted the performance of the previous and next buttons for seamless post browsing!