Social Planner gives you the ability to add all your Twitter (X) profile publish posts and engage with your audience through tweets and retweets (follow-up comments).

Step 1. Go to Social Planner > Setting

To get started, please go to Social Planner. In the top right corner of Social Planner, there is a Setting option (Gear icon). Please navigate to Settings by clicking it.

Step 2. Click on Connect a new Twitter (X) Account

The next step is to click on connect a new Twitter (X) Account of the table as shown below to manage.

Step 3. Authorize Twitter (X)Profile

Click on the  Authorize App and your Twitter profile should be connected with ContentStudio.

Step 4. Verify your connection

Last but not least, all of the selected pages in the previous step will be listed down showing a successful connection; as shown in the image below.