What's New ?
  • Social Planner now allows users to add @Mentions in the posts.
  • @Mentions will work for socials like Facebook, Linkedin , Twitter (X) and plain text will be available Instagram, Tiktok and GMB.
  • @Mentions will be the search for public profiles or pages.

    - Facebook and Linkedin - You can tag the pages.
    - Twitter (X) - You can tag any accounts, including people

  • If more than one social channel is used, it will ask to customise the post for each channel to be enabled to allow users to search by the name, followers and social wise.
How it helps-
  1. Improves Post engagement for customers
  2. Brands and influencers often use @Mentions strategically to cross-promote each other's content.
  3. On some platforms, @Mentions contribute to the searchability of content.
How does it work?
  1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner
  2. Create new Post
  3. While creating new post, selects the socials
  4. After selecting the social, if there are more than one social channel, it will ask you to enable the customise for each channel option.
  1. Once you get that, you can add @ and followed by the word to search the tagged user with username, followers and social profile to identify.
Note - This will not work in CSV and other options like Review Posting, RSS Posting.