We only fetch the errors from the Twilio API and display them. Possible reasons why we can't move the numbers:

The number you are trying to move might be under a different Twilio master account.

So to perform this action, please open a ticket with Twilio support here:


The number you are trying to move requires the bundles and addresses verified at the subaccount level. E.g. Australian number +61. We will not be able to move these types of numbers. To set that up in the subaccount please go to: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/48000981437-purchase-twilio-number-please-select-address-to-purchase-number-

After the steps are done in the article above, please open a ticket with Twilio support to move those numbers to the subaccount in the meantime so they can move the numbers for you.

You will need to open a support ticket with the following details here: