Make sure that the application microphone is allowed

To Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10

To Control access to the microphone on Mac

Check if the microphone is allowed for the HighLevel website on your browser:

Edit the Twilio number - Outbound Call Timeout - Make sure it's more than 20 seconds and more so it will dial for longer.

Please check if there are any Google extensions (VPN) that might block the call dialling.

Or to disable any VPN within the device

We could try to use the Guest browser of Google chrome where there are no other extensions. And login to HL from the guest browser to make a call.

Check if the TwiML app's location ID is correct if the location is already using a Twilio subaccount SID

Link to enter:<location_id>

If it's still not working, try to log in to on your Mobile phone's browser, not the mobile app, and see if you can call from there using the cellular data instead of the wifi network.

This will help us to know if it's device-specific or wifi-specific