In this article we will discuss how you can resell WordPress to your clients.


Signup for Beta 

Before we start this tutorial you need to have the WordPress Hosting & Reselling feature turned on in your account. WordPress feature is still in Beta so you may need to fill out this form -

After June 2022, WordPress Hosting & Reselling will be available to all agencies by default.

Connect your Agency Stripe Account

Your agency Stripe account will be used to collect subscription payments for WordPress hosting from your clients. You can connect your agency Stripe account to your agency by following this help article -

Picking Your Plan

You can pick between pay-as-you-go and unlimited (monthly or annual) plans on Agency left menu -> reselling screen

There are 3 plans to choose from

  1. Pay-as-you-go plan that charges you a monthly subscription of $10 / site + you can resell it for an amount of your choice
  2. An unlimited plan for $350 / month + unlimited sites + you can resell it for an amount of your choice 
  3. An unlimited plan for $3500 / year + unlimited sites + you can resell it for an amount of your choice

Setting your Sales Price

You can set your agency wide offer by configuring it on Agency left menu -> reselling tab

Personalizing offer for certain clients

If you wish to offer a different rate to certain clients, you can do so by going to Account List -> search for client -> view details

Disabling Offers for certain clients

If you have certain clients that you do not wish to offer WordPress to, you can turn if off from Agency Left Menu -> List of accounts -> Search for location -> View details and toggling off the Offer WordPress option.

Please note that this offer can only be disabled before the sale has happened. Once a location already purchases WordPress, you can not disable it from here. 

How is the experience for your client?

How do your clients discover this feature?

Your clients can discover your WordPress offer in 3 ways

  1. Top bar notification banner (This is a one-time notification and once dismissed it disappears forever).
  2. LaunchPad item
  3.  Location left menu -> Sites -> WordPress

How do your Clients complete the purchase?

Once your clients have discovered the feature, they can proceed to purchase WordPress from you by clicking on the get started button

When your client clicks Continue button the system will create the subscription, process the payment and take them to the WordPress dashboard.

How does the billing work?

When your client purchases WordPress it creates 2 subscriptions in the System

  1. Between your client's card & your Stripe Account so you can collect payment from your clients
  2. Between HighLevel & your card so you can pay $10 / month to HighLevel [$0 / month if you have opted for an unlimited plan]