The "Contact DND" (Do Not Disturb) trigger initiates a workflow when a contact's DND status changes. This is useful for managing communication preferences and ensuring that contacts who do not wish to be disturbed are appropriately handled within your workflows.

Trigger Name

Contact DND

Trigger Description

The "Contact DND" trigger activates a workflow whenever a contact's DND status is updated. Filters can be applied to specify whether the DND status is enabled or disabled and whether it applies to all channels or specific channels.

How to Configure

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Workflow Triggers: Access the automation or workflow settings in your platform.
  2. Choose a Workflow Trigger: Select "Contact DND" from the list of available triggers.
  3. Name Your Trigger: Enter a descriptive name for the trigger, such as "Contact has put DND."
  4. Set Up Filters (Optional): Add filters to specify the DND status conditions, such as whether DND is enabled or disabled for all channels or specific channels.

Configuration table

Workflow TriggerSelect "Contact DND" from the dropdown.Yes
Workflow Trigger NameEnter a name for your trigger, e.g., "Contact has put DND."Yes
FiltersSpecify conditions to narrow down the trigger, such as the DND status.No


Managing Communication Preferences

Scenario: A business wants to ensure that contacts who have enabled DND are tagged appropriately so that they can be excluded from marketing communications, and that specific follow-up actions are taken when DND is disabled.

Trigger Setup:

  • Trigger: Contact DND
  • Name: Contact has put DND
  • Filters:
    • DND flag is: Enabled DND for all channels

Workflow Actions:

  1. Add Tag: Add a tag to the contact, e.g., "Pause All Campaigns."
  2. Internal Notification: Notify the sales or support team about the DND status change.
  3. Resume Communications (for Disabled DND): When DND is disabled, remove the "Pause All Campaigns" tag and notify the relevant teams.

Outcome: This automation ensures that contacts' communication preferences are respected, reducing the risk of disturbing contacts who do not wish to be contacted. By adding the "Pause All Campaigns" tag, other workflows can reference this tag to exclude these contacts from marketing communications, maintaining a positive customer relationship.