The "Workflow Trigger - Stale Opportunities" action is designed to initiate workflows based on opportunities that have not progressed within a specified period. This allows for automated actions to be triggered to address or follow up on opportunities that have become stagnant, ensuring they are managed effectively.

Trigger Name

Opportunity Stale

Trigger Description

The "Stale Opportunities" trigger activates the workflow whenever an opportunity has remained in the same stage without any updates for a specified duration. This is useful for managing sales pipelines and ensuring that opportunities are not neglected.

How to Configure

To set up the "Stale Opportunities" trigger, follow these steps:

Workflow TriggerThe type of event that will initiate the workflow. In this case, select "Stale Opportunities".Yes
Workflow Trigger NameA custom name assigned to the trigger for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
FiltersCriteria used to specify the conditions for triggering the workflow (e.g., duration in days, pipeline, pipeline stage).No

Choose a Workflow Trigger:

  • From the dropdown menu, select "Stale Opportunities" as the Workflow Trigger.
  • Set the Workflow Trigger Name: Enter a name for your trigger in the "Workflow Trigger Name" field. This name should help you easily identify the trigger within your workflow, e.g., "Stale Opportunities Follow-Up".
  • Configure Filters:
    • Click on "Add filters" to specify the criteria for the trigger.
    • Select "Duration in days" and enter the number of days an opportunity can remain in the same stage before being considered stale, e.g., "2".
    • Select "In pipeline" and choose the pipeline where the trigger will be active, e.g., "Test Pipeline".
    • Select "Pipeline stage" and choose the specific stage within the pipeline, e.g., "aaa".
    • Define Actions for Stale Opportunities:
  • Add actions to be performed when an opportunity becomes stale. For example:
  • Send a reminder email to the sales representative responsible for the opportunity.
  • Move the opportunity to a different stage for review.
  • Notify a manager to take action on the stale opportunity

Example: Notify team members when an opportunity gets stale

Trigger Setup:

Workflow Trigger: Stale Opportunities

Workflow Trigger Name: Stale Opportunities Follow-Up


Duration in days: 2

In pipeline: Test Pipeline

Pipeline stage: aaa

Action for Stale Opportunity:

Email Action Name: Reminder Email to Sales Rep

From Name: Your Company

From Email:

Subject: "Reminder: Stale Opportunity Needs Attention"

Email Body:

Hi {{opportunity.assigned_user}},

The opportunity "{{}}" in the "{{}}" pipeline has been inactive for {{duration}} days.

Please take the necessary actions to move this opportunity forward or update its status.

Best Regards,
[Your Company Name]
Notification Action Name: Notify Manager
Message: "An opportunity in the '{{}}' pipeline has become stale. Opportunity details: {{opportunity.details}}."

Additional Actions:

Move the opportunity to a different stage if needed for further review or action.

Outcome: This automation ensures that stale opportunities are addressed promptly, helping to keep the sales pipeline active and reducing the chances of missed opportunities. By configuring relevant actions and filters, you can ensure timely follow-ups and proper management of stagnant opportunities.