The "Workflow Trigger" action is designed to initiate workflows based on specific changes or events related to your contacts. This allows for automated actions to be triggered when certain criteria are met, ensuring timely and relevant responses to contact activities or updates.

Trigger Name

Contact Changed

Trigger Description

The "Contact Changed" trigger initiates the workflow whenever there are changes in the contact's details. This trigger is specifically useful for monitoring changes in Tags, Assigned User, Do Not Disturb (DND) status, and Custom Fields.

How to Configure

The details for configuring the "Contact Changed" trigger are as follows:

Workflow TriggerThe type of event that will initiate the workflow (e.g., Contact Changed).Yes
Workflow Trigger NameA custom name assigned to the trigger for easy identification.Yes
FiltersCriteria used to narrow down the specific changes that will trigger the workflow (e.g., Tags, DND, Custom Fields).No

Example: Automated Follow-Up When a Contact's Business Niche Changes

Scenario: Your business wants to automatically follow up with contacts when their business niche changes, as this might indicate a new opportunity for targeted marketing or sales efforts.

Solution using the "Contact Changed" trigger:

Trigger: Set the trigger to activate when a contact's business niche is updated.

Action: Send a personalized email or assign a sales representative to follow up with the contact.

Steps to Implement:

Choose a Workflow Trigger: Set the Workflow Trigger to "Contact Changed".

Name the trigger appropriately, e.g., "Business Niche Update".

Configure Filters:

Under Filters, select "Custom Field".

Choose the custom field related to the business niche (e.g., "Business Niche").

Define Actions:

Add an action to send a personalized follow-up email:

Email Action Name: Follow-Up Email

From Name: Your Company

From Email:

Subject: "We Noticed a Change in Your Business Niche!"

Email Body:

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

We noticed that your business niche has been updated to {{contact.business_niche}}. We have some exciting offers and resources tailored specifically for your industry.

Looking forward to assisting you!

Best Regards,
[Your Company Name]

Optionally, add an action to assign a sales representative to the contact for a more personalized follow-up.

Outcome: This automation ensures that any change in a contact's business niche triggers an immediate follow-up, allowing your business to respond swiftly to potential new opportunities and maintain relevant and personalized communication.