What is Automation Workflow?

Automation workflow refer to a series of defined, repeatable steps or processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. Workflows can be sequential, with each step dependent on the completion of the previous one, or parallel, with multiple steps occurring simultaneously.

Few of the benefits of using Automations

  • Increased Efficiency: Automating routine tasks speeds up processes and reduces the time employees spend on manual activities, allowing them to focus on more strategic work.
  • Consistency and Accuracy: Automation ensures tasks are performed consistently and accurately, reducing the risk of human error and improving the quality of outcomes.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the need for manual intervention, businesses can lower labor costs and minimize operational expenses.
  • Scalability: Automated workflows can easily scale to handle increased volumes of work without requiring additional resources.


Triggers and Actions are the basic building blocks for workflows.


Trigger: A trigger is an event that initiates an automated process. For example, receiving a new email can trigger an automation to categorize and forward the message. Below is the list of Triggers currently supported in GHL Workflow for you to automate from. 

Abandoned CheckoutShopifyTriggered when a customer abandons their checkout process.
Appointment StatusAppointmentTriggered by changes in the status of an appointment (e.g., confirmed, canceled).
Birthday ReminderReminderTriggered as a reminder for a contact's birthday.
Call StatusConversationsTriggered by a change in the status of a call (e.g., completed, missed).
Category CompletedMembershipsTriggered when a membership category is completed.
Contact ChangedContactTriggered when a contact's information is updated.
Contact CreatedContactTriggered when a new contact is added.
Contact DNDContactTriggered when a contact is marked as Do Not Disturb.
Contact TagContactTriggered when a tag is added or removed from a contact.
Custom Date reminderReminderTriggered as a reminder for a custom date set by the user.
Customer booked appointmentAppointmentTriggered when a customer books a new appointment.
Customer repliedConversationsTriggered when a customer replies to a message.
Email EventsConversationsTriggered by events related to email (e.g., opened, clicked, bounced).
Facebook lead form submittedIntegrationsTriggered when a Facebook lead form is submitted.
Form submittedFormsTriggered when a form is completed and submitted.
Inbound webhook triggerPremium ActionTriggered by an incoming webhook event
InvoicePaymentsTriggered by actions related to invoices (e.g., created, paid).
Membership New SignupMembershipsTriggered when a new membership signup occurs.
Membership User LoginMembershipsTriggered when a user logs into their membership account.
Note AddedNotesTriggered when a new note is added to a record.
Note ChangedNotesTriggered when an existing note is modified.
Offer Access GrantedMembershipsTriggered when access to an offer is granted to a user.
Offer Access RemovedMembershipsTriggered when access to an offer is removed from a user.
Opportunity status changedOpportunitiesTriggered when the status of an opportunity is updated.
Order Form SubmissionOrder FormTriggered when an order form is submitted.
Order Form Submission V2Order FormTriggered by the submission of a new version of an order form.
Order FulfilledShopifyTriggered when an order is fulfilled and ready for shipment.
Order PlacedShopifyTriggered when a new order is placed.
Pipeline stage changedOpportunitiesTriggered when an opportunity moves to a different stage in the pipeline.
Product Access GrantedMembershipsTriggered when access to a product is granted to a user.
Product Access RemovedMembershipsTriggered when access to a product is removed from a user.
Product CompletedMembershipsTriggered when a user completes a product.
Stale OpportunitiesOpportunitiesTriggered when an opportunity remains inactive for a set period.
Survey submittedSurveysTriggered when a survey is completed and submitted.
Task AddedTaskTriggered when a new task is created.
Task reminderReminderTriggered as a reminder for a scheduled task.
TikTok form submitIntegrationsTriggered when a TikTok form is submitted.
Trigger Link ClickedTriggerlinkTriggered when a specific trigger link is clicked.
Twilio Validation ErrorConversationsTriggered when there's an error validating a Twilio message.
Video Tracking eventMediaTriggered by specific events in video tracking (e.g., played, paused).


Action: An action is the task performed in response to a trigger. For instance, once an email is received (trigger), the system might automatically save its attachment to a cloud storage service (action).

Create Update ContactContactCreate a new contact or update an existing contact's details.
Find ContactContactSearch for a contact based on specified criteria.
Update Contact FieldContactModify specific fields in a contact's record.
Add Contact TagContactAdd a tag to a contact to categorize them.
Remove Contact TagContactRemove a tag from a contact.
Assign UserContactAssign a contact to a specific user.
Remove Assigned UserContactRemove the user assignment from a contact.
Edit ConversationConversationsMake changes to an existing conversation thread.
DND ContactContactMark a contact as Do Not Disturb to stop communication.
Add NotesNotesAdd a note to a contact's record.
Task NotificationNotificationsSend a notification about a task.
Copy Contact To Sub accountContactCopy a contact's information to a sub account.
EmailCommunicationSend an email to a contact.
SMSCommunicationSend an SMS message to a contact.
Slack MessageCommunicationSend a message via Slack.
CallCommunicationInitiate a phone call to a contact.
VoicemailCommunicationLeave a voicemail for a contact.
MessengerSocial MediaSend a message via Facebook Messenger.
Instagram DMSocial MediaSend a direct message on Instagram.
Manual SMSCommunicationManually send an SMS message.
Manual CallCommunicationManually initiate a phone call.
GMBCommunicationPost updates to Google My Business.
Internal NotificationNotificationsSend an internal notification to team members.
Review RequestCommunicationSend a request for a review.
Conversation AIAI CommunicationUse AI to handle conversations.
FB Interactive MessengerSocial MediaUse interactive features in Facebook Messenger conversations.
IG Interactive MessengerSocial MediaUse interactive features in Instagram Messenger conversations.
Respond On CommentSocial MediaRespond to a comment on social media.
WebhookIntegrationsSend data to a specified URL via a webhook.
Custom WebhookIntegrationsSend custom data to a specified URL via a webhook.
Google SheetsIntegrationsInteract with Google Sheets (e.g., add or update rows).
If ElseLogicPerform actions based on conditional logic.
WaitWorkflow ControlPause the workflow for a specified duration.
Workflow GoalWorkflow ControlSet a goal within a workflow to track progress.
Workflow SplitWorkflow ControlSplit the workflow into multiple paths.
Update Custom ValueData ManagementUpdate custom values or variables.
GotoWorkflow ControlJump to a specific step in the workflow.
Date time FormatterData ManagementFormat date and time values.
Number FormatterData ManagementFormat numeric values.
Math OperationData ManagementPerform mathematical operations.
Event Start DateData ManagementSet or update the start date of an event.
Add To WorkflowWorkflow ControlAdd a contact to a specific workflow.
Remove From WorkflowWorkflow ControlRemove a contact from a specific workflow.
Remove From All WorkflowsWorkflow ControlRemove a contact from all active workflows.
Array FunctionsData ManagementPerform operations on arrays.
DripCommunicationSend a series of messages (drip campaign).
Text FormatterData ManagementFormat text values.
Custom CodeIntegrationsRun custom code snippets.
ChatGPTAI CommunicationUse ChatGPT for generating responses or content.
Add Appointment Booking AI BotAI CommunicationUse AI to handle appointment bookings.
Send To ElizaAI CommunicationSend data to the Eliza AI bot for processing.
Update Appointment StatusAppointmentChange the status of an appointment.
Create OpportunityOpportunitiesCreate a new sales opportunity.
Remove OpportunityOpportunitiesDelete an existing sales opportunity.
Stripe One Time ChargePaymentsProcess a one-time charge via Stripe.
Google AnalyticsIntegrationsSend data to Google Analytics.
Google AdwordIntegrationsInteract with Google AdWords for advertising purposes.
Facebook Add To Custom AudienceIntegrationsAdd a contact to a Facebook Custom Audience.
Facebook Remove From Custom AudienceIntegrationsRemove a contact from a Facebook Custom Audience.
Facebook Conversion APIIntegrationsSend conversion data to Facebook via API.
Add To Affiliate ManagerIntegrationsAdd a contact to the affiliate management system.
Update AffiliateIntegrationsUpdate an affiliate's details.
Add To Affiliate CampaignIntegrationsAdd a contact to an affiliate campaign.
Remove From Affiliate CampaignIntegrationsRemove a contact from an affiliate campaign.
Membership Grant OfferMembershipsGrant access to a membership offer.
Membership Revoke OfferMembershipsRevoke access to a membership offer.
IVR GatherIVRCollect input from a caller using IVR.
IVR SayIVRPlay a message to a caller using IVR.
IVR Connect CallIVRConnect a caller to another phone number using IVR.
IVR HangupIVREnd a call using IVR.
IVR Collect VoicemailIVRRecord a voicemail from a caller using IVR.