HighLevel is excited to offer split commissions to all affiliates! 

When an affiliate refers someone to HighLevel, our team wants to continue to give that affiliate credit as long as the customer is active. Additionally, when a different affiliate gets that customer to upgrade, we want to give all involved affiliates credit!

Multiple affiliates can receive commission on one referred customer:

  • The “default” or “base” affiliate that the customer initially signed up with


  • Affiliates who refer customers to a plan upgrade

This means that if one affiliate brings in a new customer, and a different affiliate refers this customer to a plan upgrade, HighLevel will give commission to both affiliates for the amazing work that they did!

Here’s a quick example of how this works...

A customer is referred to sign up for HighLevel on the Starter plan by Affiliate A. Down the line, Affiliate B refers the customer to upgrade their account from Starter ($97/mo) to Pro ($497/mo).

Affiliate A will continue to receive regular commission for referring the customer to the starter plan, while Affiliate B can generate commission on the difference between the two plans (about 40% of $400).

Note: This also works for customers who upgrade from Starter ($97/mo) to the Unlimited ($297/mo) plan under two separate affiliates! Affiliate A will continue to receive commission on the $97 plan, while Affiliate B can generate commission on the difference between the Starter and Unlimited Plan (40% of about $200).

Some HighLevel affiliates focus primarily on upgrading existing customers to earn commission, so if you’re having trouble bringing in net new customers, we recommend giving this a try!

Be sure to check out our weekly Affiliate Strategy Sessions if you’re looking for help developing a strategy that involves referring customers to upgrade.


Do you offer split commissions on the 297 plan?

  • Yes! We are now offering split credit for upgrades to the Unlimited ($297/month) plan. Make sure your referral uses your affiliate link when upgrading from the $97 to the $297 plan to receive credit.

Can commissions be split between three different affiliates across all three HighLevel plans?

How can I refer someone to upgrade to pro?

  • The link to specifically refer a customer directly to HighLevel Pro is available in your affiliate portal. Click here if you need help finding it.

Are there special rules for split commissions?