What is an Affiliate Commander?

“Affiliate Commander” is a status awarded annually HighLevel’s highest-performing affiliates that comes with exclusive perks and bonuses.

Commander Perks include…

  • Your own slack channel in the HighLevel workspace

  • Short-term endorsement opportunities

  • Invitation to the Affiliate Mastermind and other exclusive events

  • Quarterly calls with the HighLevel dev team

  • Access to ticket-escalation protocol for you and your referrals

  • And more!

How do I become an Affiliate Commander?

Affiliate Commander status is earned by affiliates who generate at least six figures in annual commission from new referrals and/or upgrades.

Commander Status is not a lifetime achievement, and affiliates must remain on pace with the annual commission target to retain the title and its perks.

Each year’s winners are announced at the LevelUp Summit in October. 

Want to know if you’re on pace to become an Affiliate Commander? Reach out to your Affiliate Manager.