Discover the Power of Social Proof and Supercharge Your Success with Reviews!

1. Builds Trust and Credibility: Immerse your audience in a world of trust! Positive reviews transform satisfied customers into your biggest advocates, establishing unwavering credibility for your business.

2. Word-of-Mouth Magic: Ignite a wildfire of excitement! Let your customers become the heroes of your story, sharing their incredible experiences across social media. Watch as their network of friends and followers rush to join the ranks of your satisfied clientele.

3. Boosted Visibility, Maximum Impact: Rocket your content to the top! Social media algorithms crave engagement, and positive reviews are the fuel you need. Garner likes, comments, and shares to catapult your posts into the spotlight, magnifying your business's visibility.

4. Social Proof Spectacle: Witness the magic of social proof! Each positive review is a shining beacon, signaling to potential customers that your products and services are not just exceptional but an absolute must-have. Let the reviews speak for themselves and watch your customer base soar!

5. Engage, Connect, Belong: Foster a vibrant community! Sharing customer reviews on social media sparks conversations, encourages interactions, and weaves a tight-knit tapestry of brand enthusiasts. Your customers become part of something bigger, creating a genuine connection with your brand.

6. Turn Challenges into Triumphs: Embrace every opportunity! Even in the face of challenges, negative reviews are your stepping stones to improvement. Respond with grace, showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction, and turn setbacks into success stories.

How does uploading your own background for publishing Reviews in Social Planner?
  1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner
  2. In Social Planner, connect your socials for scheduling and publishing posts.
  3. Click on create new post, there will be option of Review Post.
  4. Select the integration in dropdown of GMB and Facebook - It will select the GMB or Facebook page added in Integrations for Reputation Management (Yext).
  5. Add your own multiple background or select from the list. Background will rotated while posting the reviews

    Note - The background image needs to be of specific size and format as below
    - Image Background supports images of 5MB (less or equal)
    - Format of JPEG/PNG 
    - Height and width of 1024 pixel (1024*1024)

  6. Select the stars for which you would like to publish
  7. Select the number of post to be done in a day, week, month and at the specific time.

    Example 1 - If you have connected your GMB Page, imagine that you received new review on 1st January 2024 6PM and inside Social Planner, if you have set that you would like to post 5 social posts per day at 8:37 AM. The new review will get published next day 2nd January 2024 at 8:37 AM. If you have received more than 5 reviews, it will select based on star and post only 5 social posts on selected socials.

    Example 2 - If you have connected your GMB/Facebook page, imagine that you received new review on Thursday 2PM and inside Social Planner, if you have set that you would like to post 2 social posts per week at 10AM. The new review post will get published on next Monday 10 AM based on the review stars set.

  8. Once the post is clicked on create post, it will show the entry in Others Tab and in Social Planner > Calendar View.

    Calendar View - 
    If you would like to pause or edit the content - 
  9. The post published looks like this