Introducing the Slim Panel within Conversations. This slim, sleek panel, located on the right side of screen, represents the future of intuitive navigation and consolidated information access. It can be expanded or collapsed at your discretion, enabling users to engage effortlessly with the data and features you need. Within the Slim Panel, users are granted the power of choice. Users can seamlessly switch between "Contact," "Appointments," and "Opportunity" views with just one click.

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With these enhancements, users can access all the essential data and features they need within Conversations itself. No more navigating to different modules. The user experience has been refined to be seamless and effortless. We've made information more accessible, designed it to streamline interactions, improve efficiency, and make your experience more intuitive and productive.


Feature 1 - Contact

Users can now add, edit, and manage contact details seamlessly, covering everything from name, phone number, and email, to owner details, tags, campaign associations, and the all-important DnD (Do Not Disturb) settings. It's a one-stop-shop for keeping your contact database up-to-date without missing any ongoing conversation.

Feature 2 - Appointments

Users can now effortlessly book new appointments, view both upcoming and past appointments, and even reschedule them—all from the Right Panel. No more cumbersome navigation through multiple screens. With this feature, you can stay on top of your schedule.

Feature 3 - Opportunity

Users can create new opportunities, view all existing opportunities associated with a contact, and seamlessly edit opportunity details, all within a single, centralized location