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Live Chat is a dynamic, real-time communication tool that empowers website visitors (contacts) to establish direct and instant communication with users through a feature-rich webchat. This two-way communication system not only bridges the gap between users and their audience but also amplifies the potential for meaningful engagements.

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The non-intrusive and convenient nature of Live Chat improves overall customer engagement. With Live Chat, immediate assistance is just a message away. This reduces response times and elevates customer satisfaction to new heights.

Feature location 1 - Chat Widget

Feature location : Users can effortlessly configure the Live Chat feature via : Sites > Chat Widget > Chat Type > Live Chat.

Users have the flexibility to fine-tune the look and feel of the chat widget, including options to personalize the avatar, color scheme, agency branding, and display of legal messages. Users can also craft introductory messages to engage visitors effectively. Users can further enhance the user experience by configuring fallback time settings for periods of inactivity and defining acknowledgment messages within the chat widget settings. Users can easily obtain the chat widget code and seamlessly publish it on their website, facilitating immediate integration

Feature Location 2 - Conversations

Live Chat is seamlessly integrated as a dedicated channel within the Conversations module. This integration allows users to communicate with web visitors in real-time without the hassle of navigating to separate platforms. Users are endowed with two significant manual actions for precise control over Live Chat interactions.
Request Contact Details: This action allows users to seamlessly send a contact detail form to web visitors. It paves the way for extended and personalized communication, opening doors to deeper interactions.
End Live Chat: This feature empowers users to wrap up the chat efficiently when a matter has been successfully resolved.