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A Contact Engagement Score is a metric used to measure how actively and effectively a contact or lead interacts with an organization or business. It's commonly used to assess the level of interest, involvement, or responsiveness of a contact or lead. The score helps businesses prioritize their efforts in communicating with a lead, lead nurturing and sales prospecting. Here's a breakdown of the components and purpose of a Contact Engagement Score

To calculate the score, users can typically track various interactions between the contact and organization. These interactions can include email opens, calendar appointments, form submissions, and more. Each interaction type can be weighted differently based on its significance.

In this article : 

Feature 1: Manage Scoring

  • Edit Score Profile Name and Description: With Score Builder, you can easily customize the name and description of your score profiles to ensure they align with your specific business needs and objectives.

  • Draft/ Publish : By default the score profile stays in draft state. Once the profile is published, the score will be reflected to all the contacts

Feature 2: Rules and score builder 

  • Rule Customization: The system allows you to edit and fine-tune your scoring rules as needed
  • Add or Subtract Points: You have full control over the scoring rules. Using the score builder, you can create rules to add or subtract points based on specific criteria, such as engagement, behavior, or any other relevant factors.
  • Saving Changes : Once any new rule is added or old rule is edited, the changes need to be saved to the score profile

Feature 3: Sorting and filtering in Conversations 

  • Score Display: In the conversations module, users can find scores visibly associated with each contact. This at-a-glance view helps you quickly identify and focus on contacts with the highest scores.
  • Sort Contacts: Users can sort contacts based on their scores, helping you quickly identify high-priority contacts and those who require more nurturing.

  • Filtering Options: Users can filter contacts based on score ranges, allowing users to segment and target contacts with similar engagement levels.

How to Use Contact Engagement Score Workflow Actions and Triggers

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