The tables below show campaign use case types that will be available for registration under United States A2P 10DLC. Please note, the current maximum Campaigns per Use Case limits are as follows:

  • 100 for NonProfit and Government Brands

  • 200 for Private and Public Profit Brands

For extensive details about A2P 10DLC, deadlines, registration requirements, and more, see What is A2P 10DLC?

For fee details, see What pricing and fees are associated with the A2P 10DLC service?

Standard Campaign Use Cases

The following table contains the list of standard campaign use cases that will be available within US A2P when registration launches. For details see What is A2P 10DLC?

Table 1: List of standard campaign use cases

Campaign use case

(registered on your Messaging Service)



Any authentication or account verification such as OTP

Account Notifications

Notifications about the status of an account or related to being a part of an account

Customer Care

Support, account management, and other avenues of customer interaction

Delivery Notifications

Information about the status of a delivery

Fraud Alert Messaging

Messaging about potential fraudulent activity such as spending alerts

Higher Education

Message campaigns from colleges, universities, and other education institutions


Promotional content such as sales and limited time offers


A campaign that covers multiple use cases such as Customer Care and Delivery Notifications.  Note - mixed campaigns are likely to have lower throughput and a higher cost per message. NOTE: Low-Volume Brands are eligible for the Low-Volume Mixed use case detailed below. 

Polling and voting

For conducting polling and voting, such as customer surveys. Not for political use.

Public Service Announcement

PSAs to raise audience awareness about a given topic

Security Alert

Notification of a compromised system (software or hardware related)

Special Campaign Use Cases

There are some use cases that carriers consider "Special," with additional requirements and (in some cases) different fees. These include Charity / 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Emergency Services, and Political use cases, among others. 

Low-Volume Use Cases

In addition to the standard "Mixed/Marketing" use case, there is a separate Campaign use case designated as"Low Volume Mixed"– this option supports the same multiple use cases, but has a lower monthly fee than a standard Campaign and is fixed at the lowest throughput tier below, regardless of your Trust Score.