Reusing Social Planner content across multiple sub-accounts just got that much easier! With the power of Snapshots, you can share social calendars from within the agency settings to any sub-account.

The plan is to add more features in future releases. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know by providing feedback within the social planner

Covered in this article:

How will it work in the Parent Sub-Account?

The parent sub-account is the origin of the snapshot. Its the sub-account where the snapshot is derived/originated from

  • Go to the 'Marketing' tab > 'Social Planner'
  • Click on 'Create Post' > Select 'Upload from CSV'
  • Select the Social (this is required for creating CSV Import)
  • Go to the CSV list, there will be a few statutes
    • In Progress - The system is processing the CSV data
    • Review and Schedule - CSV data is processed; this is the step it will show in Snapshot.

How will it work in Agency Settings > Snapshot?

  • Go to 'Agency Settings' > 'Snapshot'
  • 'Refresh the snapshot' (See guide) or 'upload the snapshot' (See guide),
  • Once you have selected it will show in the Social Planner CSV's which are in Review and Schedule.

How will it work in Child Sub-Account?

The Child sub-account is the account where you would like to upload the snapshot into

  • Go to 'Marketing' > 'Social Planner' > 'CSV (list view)'
  • In the list view, the 'Social Planner CSV' of the parent location will show up.
  • Go to the CSV > click on 'Select Social for scheduling the posts'.
  • The CSV will get processed for all the selected socials.
  • CSV will have a 'Review and Schedule' option once the CSV data is processed; Users can check the posts and import them out on Social Calendar.