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Harness the power of Local Services Ads with Reserve with Google through our seamless LSA integration. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to connect your accounts, allowing you to increase visibility, manage appointments, and reach potential customers more effectively.

Important things to note

* This Integration requires Local Services Ads account

* The Integration supports all subcategories of "Home Services", "Real Estate", and "Legal Services" (Local Service providers) * Currently Reserve with Google is supported only in United States * Reserve with Google does not support payments
* Settings > Business Profile > Company Name and Address should match LSA Business details

What is this Feature?

Local Services Ads is a Google advertising service that helps service businesses (like plumbers, electricians, etc.) advertise their services on Google. When potential customers search for a specific service on Google, ads from local service providers appear at the top of the search results.

Reserve with Google, on the other hand, is a Google service that lets users book appointments and reservations with service businesses directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website.

Integrating LSA (Reserve with Google) with the CRM allows businesses to advertise their services and allow potential customers to book appointments directly through Google. This provides a streamlined customer experience and can help businesses reach more potential customers, increase their booking rates, and better manage their appointments.

Usage Cases:

Home Service Businesses: Businesses offering home services such as cleaning, landscaping, or plumbing can use this integration to reach their local audience efficiently. Whenever users in their service area search for these services, their business will show up at the top of the search results, providing high visibility. Once a user hires the service, they can directly schedule an appointment through Google. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth phone calls or emails, accelerating the booking process and leading to a better user experience. The integration can also help businesses manage their bookings, avoid double-booking, and keep track of customer details and preferences for future reference.

Real Estate Agencies: Real estate agencies can leverage this integration to reach a wider audience of potential buyers or sellers. Through Local Services Ads, they can advertise their services, such as property viewing, consultation, or legal paperwork assistance. When an individual is interested in a property or service, they can directly schedule a viewing or a meeting via Reserve with Google. This simplifies the user's journey from discovering a property to booking a viewing and allows agencies to manage their viewing schedules effectively.

Legal Consultation Services: Law firms can use this integration to advertise their consultation services. When users search for legal consultation in their local area, the law firm's ad will appear at the top of the search results, increasing its visibility. Potential clients can then book a consultation directly through Reserve with Google, providing a streamlined booking experience. By reducing the barriers to booking a consultation, law firms can convert more potential clients while managing their consultation schedules effectively.


Reserve with GoogleA service provided by Google which allows customers to book appointments and services directly through Google Search and Google Maps.
Google My BusinessA free tool that lets you manage how your local business appears across Google products, like Maps and Search.
Local Services AdsA type of advertisement that promotes local businesses and their services. These ads are triggered when a potential customer in the local area searches for the services the business offers.
LeadA person who has indicated an interest in a company's product or service in some way.
Valid LeadA lead that has been confirmed as legitimate and fits the business's services and target audience.
Pay-Per-LeadAn advertising pricing model is where the advertiser pays for an explicit sign-up from a consumer interested in the advertiser's offer.
Dispute (Lead Dispute)The process of challenging the validity of a lead. This can happen when a business receives a lead from Local Services Ads that they believe is invalid.
Manager AccountThis account allows businesses to manage multiple Google Ads accounts -- including other Manager Accounts -- from a single location.
Customer ID (CID)A unique number that's assigned to a Google Ads account. Each CID is unique to the account and can be used to help identify it.
Bulk UploadThe process of adding multiple items at once to a database or software. In the context of Google services, it refers to the ability to create and update multiple business listings at once.
Service Area BusinessA type of Google My Business account for businesses that serve customers at their locations.
VerticalAn industry or group of related companies based on their primary business operations. In the context of Local Services Ads, verticals could refer to the specific industries that a business can select when setting up their ads (like locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, etc.).

How to use this feature?

1. In your Account, go to Settings > Integrations and click "Connect" under Reserve with Google

2. Confirm the business details are correct and click "Proceed." 

3. Click "Configure Calendar" to navigate to Calendar Settings

4.  Create/Edit a calendar, enable "Reserve with Google", update your Business Service Category, Service Type, and Estimated price

5. Return to Settings > Integrations and click "Start Integration" to continue the integration. Confirm the instructions mentioned in the pop-up and click proceed.

6. Login and link your Google Local Services Ads account (opened in a new tab). Contact Support if you are unable to view the same screen as below.

7. Integration Status - Pending: It will take up to 48Hrs for Google to Verify the integration

Please Note:
If the status is "Not Matched", then your Business Info didn't match with your LSA Business Details. So, you will have to update Settings > Business Info and reintegrate (Delete & Integrate again).

8. Your LSA - Reserve with Google Integation is done!

How does it work?

The Appointments booked through Local Services Ads are managed in the respective Account's Calendar.


1. How can agencies best leverage Local Services Ads for their clients? 

 Agencies have various ways they can leverage LSAs for their clients. Some agencies charge a setup fee, ranging from a hundred to a thousand dollars, to set up the LSA account, then a monthly maintenance fee. Others charge a percent of total revenue or even offer the setup for free to acquire new clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and the strategy used would depend on the agency's model and the clients they target.

2. How does the onboarding process work for agencies? 

Google offers support for agencies when it comes to onboarding. If an agency has multiple accounts (10 to 1000+), there is a dedicated account management team to provide support. They also provide a phone number for general onboarding and account management support. A bulk upload process is also available for creating multiple locations at once.

3. What is the hierarchy for setting up LSAs? 

When setting up LSAs, a business should create a manager account, after which they can create Customer IDs (CIDs) through the manager account flow.

4. Who qualifies for the high-level integration of LSAs? 

The CRM's integration of LSAs is available to everyone, not just Pro users. 

5. Can I connect different Google accounts to different businesses within the CRM? 

You can log in if you can access their Local Services Ads sign-in account. 

6. What requirements must a business meet to be eligible for LSAs? 

The requirements for eligibility vary based on the service provided by the business. For example, if it's an HVAC business in California, Google will require a specific license and a certain amount of general liability insurance. If the business or master technician does not have the required license, they will not be eligible. Furthermore, background checks are required in specific verticals. If a business does not pass these checks, it won't be eligible for LSAs.

7. What is the usual turnaround time for getting approved for LSAs? 

 If a business can submit all the required documentation within 24-48 hours, approval may take one to two weeks. However, this varies based on the volume of applications and can be affected by other external factors. If a business has many employees who need to submit background checks, the process can take three to four weeks.


8. How does the pricing structure of LSA work? 

The pricing for Local Services Ads is based on a pay-per-lead model. Businesses only pay for valid leads and specific services related to their business. However, the cost per lead varies by job type, region, and lead type.

9. What types of leads does LSA include? 

Local Services Ads can include a range of leads such as phone calls, messages, bookings, and more. The exact types of leads a business will be charged for depending on their service.

10. What happens when a business receives a lead from LSA? 

When a business receives a lead, it can review the lead details. They can dispute the lead within the LSA dashboard if they believe it's invalid. They won't be charged for invalid leads.

11. How can I get the integration for Local Services Ads on the CRM? 

 While the integration is currently live behind the scenes at the CRM, it's only visible to specific users as the CRM awaits Google's approval for broader use. Once Google gives the thumbs-up, the integration will be flipped on for everybody.

12. Can I accept Payments through Reserve with Google?

No, Reserve with Google currently does not support payments. Despite enabling the 'Accept Payment' option on a calendar, payments cannot be completed for bookings made through Reserve with Google.