"Which initial Workflow Triggers can I use the FB Conversions event with?"

The Facebook Conversions API trigger event works with the following initial Workflow Triggers: Form Submitted, Survey Submitted, Customer Booked Appointment, and Two Step Order.

For appointment, it will only work with “Customer Booked appointment”, not with “appointment”, as appointments is general trigger and “Customer Booked appointment” is the trigger for widget, click here to learn more.

"Which Event Details Parameters do we need to use"?

Event Source URL

"Which Customer Information Parameters can we use"?

Client IP address - do not hash

Client user agent - do not hash

Email Address

First Name


Browser ID (fbp) cookie – do not hash

Click ID (fbc) cookie – do not hash

"Can I use Custom Values for the Access Token and Pixel Id"?

Yes, Custom Values will work in those fields.

"Why don't I see test events in Facebook Business Manager"?

If you don’t see a test conversion, check the Diagnostics tab for any errors. A common issues we’ve seen is when FB has blocked the domain, so check Settings > Scroll to the bottom to “Domains In Your Allow List” where you should be able to approve the domain.

"Does the 'Test Workflow' button work with testing FB conversions"?

No, in order to test FB conversion API events, the workflow must be kicked off by an actual event (form/survey submissions, appointment, or a 2-Step order form submission).