Notes For Bulk Actions:

1. When using the Send Email Bulk Action, the "From Name" and "From Email" pulls from whatever is set in the sub-account Settings > Company tab in the "Company Name" and "Company Email" fields. For more flexibility with the sending name & email, create the email in a Campaign and use the Send To Campaign Bulk Action. 

2. To view the status of a Bulk Action, go to Contacts > Contact Requests > Bulk Actions Tab where you can view the status and/or pause the action.

3. Rate Limits For Drip Mode:

  • Frequencies of 30 sec - 1 min: 1,000 messages per minute
  • Frequencies of 5 min: 4,999 messages per minute 
  • Frequencies of 6 min - 10min: 5,000 messages per minute
  • Frequencies of Above 10 min: 10,000 message per minute