A snapshot is a template of a particular sub-account that is used to transfer items such as Funnels, Calendars, Workflows, Websites, Custom Values, Trigger Links, Message templates, etc., to another account. The idea behind this feature is that it allows the agency owner to build and customize many different assets and settings so they can be applied to new accounts, thereby minimizing the amount of work that needs to be done when it is created. 


List of client account items copied using Snapshots:

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Custom Values *0
  3. Triggers *1
  4. Trigger Links
  5. Surveys
  6. Forms
  7. SMS Templates
  8. Email Templates *2
  9. SMS *3
  10. Email *4
  11. Custom Communications *5
  12. Campaigns *6*7
  13. Pipelines
  14. Calendars *8
  15. Tags
  16. Folders
  17. Funnels *10
  18. Membership products and offers
  19. Workflows *9
  20. Teams *11
  21. Marketplace actions and triggers *12
  22. Internally created actions and triggers


*0 - The Values of the Custom Values do not get copied, only the Key does. To learn why we do this, and how to use Custom Values to maximize the Snapshot experience please see this article: Custom Values

*1 - Triggers copied over from a Snapshot will start in Draft mode

*2 - There are three types of emails that get saved in Snapshots: Emails built-in Marketing > Emails, emails built-in Marketing > Text & Email Templates, and emails built-in Marketing > HTML builder

*3 - This is the SMS template for Reputation Management (Settings -> SMS)

*4 - This is the Email template for Reputation Management (Settings -> Email)

*5 - These are the Custom Communications settings for Reputation Management (Settings -> Custom Communications)

*6 - Campaigns copied over from a Snapshot will start as Published

*7 - Users (a feature in Campaign Configurations) is not copied over as we do not copy Users within Snapshots as we assume the users for each account will be different

*8 - Includes calendar settings for each calendar

*9 - Workflows saved in Snapshots do not include: Facebook add to custom Aud., Facebook remove from customer Aud., Add to Google Analytics, Add to google Adwords, FB Conversion API

*10 - Products created in Funnels do not get saved to Snapshots. Tracking codes also do not get included in Snapshots.

*11 - Teams in Snapshots are not active by default and must be manually activated by a team member

*12 - App must be installed to use the marketplace actions and triggers

List of client account items that do NOT copy over when using a Snapshot.

  • Contacts do not transfer over.
  • Conversations do not transfer over.
  • Tracking codes that you have set up on the backend on websites and or funnels will not transfer.
  • Integrations do not transfer over.
  • Users do not transfer over.
  • Reporting data does not transfer.
  • Reputation does not transfer over.
  • The data within a custom value.
  • Any customization that is done to the chat widget.
  • Any integrated domains do not transfer
  • company settings inside the companies settings tab do not transfer over.
  • Existing tasks or manual actions do not transfer over.

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