Learn how to set up & send review requests, monitor & reply to reviews as they come in, and display positive reviews on a website.

Note that the review request will be sent from the user who logged in to HighLevel and clicked "Check in Client". So the signature in the review request email will show the user's name.

**The review widget updated to show:

UPDATE : In order to comply with new US regulations, the Review Widget will now show ALL reviews (previously it only displayed 4.5-5 star reviews).


Review Request status

Queued status: When user creates a review request, HighLevel will attempt to send the request immediately. If there is a queue of other review requests in front of your request, there may be a slight delay before the request goes out.

Another possible reason is that the email is set up to send after one day here:

Sent status: HighLevel has sent the review request.

Delivered status: After HighLevel has sent the review request, only Twilio confirms the delivery of the sms sent. Mailgun will not provide a delivered status.

Failed status: When a review request fails to deliver. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as the phone number not being valid. 

If you are using other SMTP integration, please make sure to send the review request by logging in with the user email that matches the SMTP integrated email. HighLevel will use the user login email as the sender email when sending review request emails.