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Which configured sender email will the leads be getting the emails from?

CasesUnassigned ContactAssigned Contact
Manual Emails
Logged in user email1st priority1st priority

Location EmailN/A

Assigned User EmailN/A

Agency EmailN/A
Automated Emails
Campaign/workflow settings1st priority
1st priority

Assigned User Email
2nd priority

Location Email
2nd priority3rd priority

Agency Email
3rd priority4th priority
Review Request EmailsWe will always use the Logged in user email as the sender email
Appointment request emails
(calendar settings->3. Confirmation)
We will use depending on the Mailgun subdomain you set up for the location, or the SMTP integrated email

If you are using Mailgun, we will use the company email here if the lead is not assigned:

How to check if the contacts are assigned or unassigned

Search the contact in Smart List

Search Conversations -> Click on the icon on the right to view the Contact Details

Check who is assigned to the contact here:

Places you can configure the sender email - Manual email

Conversation tab

The From email will be the user logged in email by default:

Places you can configure the sender email - Automated email

Email template

Click Email Marketing -> Email Builder -> Create Email

Once you created the email template, click Settings on top ->Configure the From name/address here

Bulk action - Send Email

Click Contacts ->Smart Lists -> Select Contacts -> Click Send Email

Workflow settings

Click Automation -> Workflows -> Create Workflow

Select Start from scratch and click Create new workflow:

Click Settings -> Configure Sender Address

Workflow Send Email Action

Campaign configuration

Click Automation -> Campaigns ->Create campaign

Expand Campaign Configuration and you can configure the From address here:

Triggers - Send email action