The "Category Completed" trigger initiates a workflow when a contact completes a specified category of products or courses. This is particularly useful for tracking progress and automating follow-up actions based on course completion or product usage.

Trigger Name

Category Completed

Trigger Description

The "Category Completed" trigger activates a workflow when a contact completes a specified category of products or courses. Filters can be applied to target specific products or courses, ensuring that follow-up actions are initiated only when relevant categories are completed.

How to Configure

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Workflow Triggers: Access the automation or workflow settings in your platform.
  2. Choose a Workflow Trigger: Select "Category Completed" from the list of available triggers.
  3. Name Your Trigger: Enter a descriptive name for the trigger, such as "Category Completed."
  4. Set Up Filters (Optional): Add filters to specify conditions for the trigger, such as the product or course categories that need to be completed.

Configuration Table

Workflow Trigger
Select "Category Completed" from the dropdown.
Workflow Trigger Name
Enter a name for your trigger, e.g., "Category Completed."
Specify conditions to narrow down the trigger, such as product or course categories.


Course Completion Follow-Up

Scenario: An online education platform wants to send follow-up emails and additional course recommendations to students who complete specific courses.

Trigger Setup:

  • Trigger: Category Completed
  • Name: Course Completion Follow-Up
  • Filters:
    • Product: Is any of "Sprint Course," "PM Interview Training," "Marathon Course"

Workflow Actions:

  1. Completion Email: Send a congratulatory email to the student upon course completion.
  2. Issue Certificate: Automatically generate and send a course completion certificate.
  3. Internal Notification: Notify the course instructor or support team about the student's completion for potential follow-up.

Outcome: This automation ensures that students receive timely and relevant follow-up communications upon completing a course, enhancing their learning experience and encouraging continued engagement with the platform.