The "Birthday Reminder" trigger initiates a workflow based on a contact's birthday. This trigger is particularly useful for sending personalized birthday greetings, offers, or reminders, helping businesses engage with their contacts in a meaningful way.

Trigger Name

Birthday Reminder

Trigger Description

The "Birthday Reminder" trigger activates a workflow when a contact's birthday approaches. This can be customized with filters such as the specific month or day to ensure that the workflow is initiated at the right time.

How to Configure

1. Navigate to Automations

2. Choose a Workflow Trigger: Select "Birthday Reminder" from the list of available triggers.

3. Name Your Trigger: Enter a descriptive name for the trigger, such as "Birthday Reminder."

4. Set Up Filters (Optional): Add filters to specify conditions for the trigger, such as the month or day of the birthday.

Workflow TriggerSelect "Birthday Reminder" from the dropdown.Yes
Workflow Trigger NameEnter a name for your trigger, e.g., "Birthday Reminder."Yes
FiltersSpecify conditions to narrow down the trigger, such as month or day.No


Sending Birthday Offers

Scenario: A business wants to send personalized birthday offers to their customers to enhance engagement and boost sales.

Trigger Setup:

  • Trigger: Birthday Reminder
  • Name: Birthday Reminder
  • Filters:
    • Month is: Select the specific month to target customers whose birthdays fall in that month.

Workflow Actions:

  1. Birthday Email: Send a personalized birthday email to the customer with a special offer or discount.
  2. SMS Reminder: Send an SMS reminder a day before the customer's birthday with a special message and offer link.
  3. Internal Notification: Notify the sales or support team about the upcoming birthdays to prepare personalized greetings or offers.

Outcome: This automation ensures that customers receive timely and personalized birthday greetings and offers, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of engagement and sales.