The "Workflow Trigger - Contact Created" action is designed to initiate workflows when a new contact is created. This allows for automated actions to be triggered immediately after a new contact is added to your system, ensuring timely follow-ups and engagement with new leads.

Trigger Name

Contact Created

Trigger Description

The "Contact Created" trigger activates the workflow whenever a new contact is added to your system. This is useful for welcoming new contacts, sending initial communications, and initiating other onboarding processes.

How to Configure

Workflow TriggerThe type of event that will initiate the workflow. In this case, select "Contact Created".Yes
Workflow Trigger NameA custom name assigned to the trigger for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
FiltersCriteria used to specify additional conditions for triggering the workflow (e.g., specific tags, custom fields).No

To set up the "Contact Created" trigger, follow these steps:

Choose a Workflow Trigger:

  • From the dropdown menu, select "Contact Created" as the Workflow Trigger.
  • Set the Workflow Trigger Name: Enter a name for your trigger in the "Workflow Trigger Name" field. This name should help you easily identify the trigger within your workflow, e.g., "New Contact Created".
  • Configure Filters (optional):
    • Click on "Add filters" to specify additional criteria for the trigger.
    • Select from Standard Fields or Custom Fields to narrow down the conditions that will activate the workflow.
    • For example, you can filter by "Has Tag" or specific custom fields like "Business Niche".
  • Define Actions for New Contact:
    • Add actions to be performed when a new contact is created. For example:
    • Send a welcome email to the new contact.
    • Notify the sales team about the new contact.
    • Add the new contact to a specific marketing campaign.

Example: Welcome Email when a new contact is created

Trigger Setup:

Workflow Trigger: Contact Created

Workflow Trigger Name: New Contact Created

Filters: (Optional, if you want to filter by specific criteria like tags or custom fields)

Action for New Contact:

Email Action Name: Welcome Email

From Name: Your Company

From Email:

Subject: "Welcome to [Your Company Name]!"

Email Body:

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

Welcome to [Your Company Name]! We're excited to have you on board.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Best Regards,
[Your Company Name]

Internal Notification Action Name: Notify Sales Team

Message: "A new contact has been created. Contact details: {{contact.details}}."

Additional Actions:

Add the new contact to a specific marketing campaign or workflow to ensure they receive ongoing communications and engagement.

Outcome: This automation ensures that new contacts receive a timely and personalized welcome email, while also notifying the sales team for further engagement. By configuring relevant actions and filters, you can ensure a smooth onboarding process for new contacts.