The "Workflow Trigger - Contact Tag" action is designed to initiate workflows based on the addition or removal of specific tags to or from contacts. This allows for automated actions to be triggered when a contact is tagged with or untagged from certain keywords, ensuring timely and relevant responses to changes in contact status or interests.

Trigger Name

Contact Tag

Trigger Description

The "Contact Tag" trigger activates the workflow whenever a specified tag is added to or removed from a contact. This is useful for managing follow-ups, segmenting contacts, and personalizing communication based on contact interests or actions.

Trigger Details

Workflow TriggerThe type of event that will initiate the workflow. In this case, select "Contact Tag".Yes
Workflow Trigger NameA custom name assigned to the trigger for easy identification in your workflow.Yes
FiltersCriteria used to specify which tag addition or removal will trigger the workflow (e.g., Tag Added: "interested").No

How to Configure

To set up the "Contact Tag" trigger, follow these steps:

Choose a Workflow Trigger:

  • From the dropdown menu, select "Contact Tag" as the Workflow Trigger.
  • Set the Workflow Trigger Name:
  • Enter a name for your trigger in the "Workflow Trigger Name" field. This name should help you easily identify the trigger within your workflow, e.g., "Tag 'Interested' Added or Removed".
  • Configure Filters:
    • Click on "Add filters" to specify the criteria for the trigger.
    • Select "Tag Added" from the filter options and specify the tag that will trigger the workflow, e.g., "interested".
    • Click "Add filters" again to add another filter.
    • Select "Tag Removed" and specify the same tag, e.g., "interested".
  • Define Actions for Tag Added:
  • Add actions to be performed when the specified tag is added to a contact. For example:
  • Send a personalized follow-up email to the contact.
  • Notify a sales representative for further engagement.
  • Define Actions for Tag Removed:
  • Add actions to be performed when the specified tag is removed from a contact. For example:
  • Send a re-engagement email or survey to understand why the contact lost interest.

Example: Send personalised follow up emails based on Contact Tags updated

Trigger Setup:

Workflow Trigger: Contact Tag

Workflow Trigger Name: Tag "Interested" Added or Removed


Tag Added: "interested"

Tag Removed: "interested"

Action for Tag Added: Send Email

Email Action Name: Follow-Up Email for Interested Contacts

From Name: Your Company

From Email:

Subject: "Thank You for Your Interest!"

Email Body:

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

Thank you for showing interest in our products/services. We have some exciting offers and updates tailored just for you.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information.

Best Regards,
[Your Company Name]

Internal Notification Action Name: Notify Sales Rep

Message: "A contact tagged as 'interested' requires follow-up. Contact details: {{contact.details}}."

Action for Tag Removed:

Email Action Name: Re-Engagement Email

From Name: Your Company

From Email:

Subject: "We Miss You!"

Email Body:

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

We noticed you have removed your interest tag. We would love to understand why and how we can better serve you.

Please take a moment to provide us with feedback or let us know if there's anything we can do to assist you.

Best Regards,
[Your Company Name]

Outcome: This automation ensures that contacts tagged as "interested" receive a timely and personalized follow-up email, while also notifying the sales team for further engagement. Additionally, it helps re-engage contacts who have removed their interest tag by sending them a re-engagement email or survey, improving retention and understanding customer needs.