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By connecting your Zoom account, you can generate dynamic meeting links, reducing the time spent for any manual actions. If you have selected Zoom as your meeting location in any calendar, upon a new booking, the system will automatically generate a unique Zoom link, which will be sent along with the calendar invite.


You need access to your Zoom account that you want to connect.

How to Connect Zoom?

To connect your Zoom account:

1. Go to Calendars > Calendar Settings > Connections.

2. Locate the video conferencing tab.

3. Click on "Add New" and then click "Connect" next to Zoom.

4. Sign in to Zoom with your credentials.

5. Your Zoom account has been successfully connected.

In order to add Zoom to your Calendar:

  1. Ensure your Zoom integration is successfully set up.
  2. Navigate to your calendar settings.
  3. Select the calendar where you want to add dynamic Zoom links.

Note: Dynamic Zoom Links are only supported for Round Robin and Collective calendars.

Steps to add Zoom to your Calendar:

  1. Edit Calendar: Open the calendar you wish to modify.
  2. Meeting Details: Go to the meeting details section.
  3. Team Members > Meeting Location: Scroll down to the meeting location under team members.
  4. Select Zoom: Choose Zoom and click Save.

Limitation with Zoom Integration

Each user can connect only one Zoom integration per subaccount, and the same Zoom integration cannot be connected across multiple subaccounts. For instance, if User A has already connected their Zoom integration in Subaccount A, they won't be able to link the same Zoom integration in Subaccount B.


Q: Which Calendars Support Dynamic Zoom Links?

A: Only Round Robin and Collective calendars support Zoom integration and generate new Zoom links for each appointment booked.

Q: How to use Zoom with Other Calendar Types?

A: You can use Zoom with Event & Class Booking Calendars as well. For these calendars, you can manually generate a Zoom meeting link from Zoom and paste it in the calendar settings.


  1. Generate the Zoom meeting link in Zoom.
  2. In calendar settings, select Custom as the meeting location.
  3. Paste the generated Zoom link.

Note: This will add a static link, meaning the same link will be used for all new bookings.