The Facebook and Instagram - User comments on a post trigger can also be used for Facebook Groups.


Pre Requisite

  • To use this feature Facebook account should be integrated.
  • To use the actions in the workflows, the Facebook User comments on a post or Instagram User comments on a post trigger should be available.

How to use this feature for Facebook Groups?

When creating a workflow click on "Add Trigger". The triggers related to comment automation are present in the "Facebook/Instagram events" category. You can directly search for the trigger or scroll down to the category.

  • Facebook - User comments on a post  
  • Instagram - User comments on a post

1. Go to triggers and select from the available triggers based on your use case.

2. After clicking on the trigger the sidebar will open. There are multiple filters present here. The first step is to select the Page.


3. After selecting the Page you have to select the Post Type. Post type can be "Published" or "Custom"

Custom Post - 'Custom' tab allows you to find and connect the post by entering the Facebook post's URL           or ID. Select Custom in Post type, add the "Post is" filter and paste the URL of the post in the field against Post is field from the Facebook Group.

4. After selecting the post you have to enter what are you looking for in the comment. You can select from 2 options "Contains Phrase" and "Exact Match". Below are some examples to understand these 2 dropdown better.

5. The first level tracking will not work for Facebook Groups.

When the contact will be saved?

When a contact is coming through the trigger, it will be saved as a contact and First Name and Last Name of the contact will be stored.

What are the new Actions?

There are 3 new actions in the "Communications" category.

  • Facebook Interactive Messanger & Instagram Interactive Messenger 

1. On selecting any of the above mentioned actions the sidebar will open where you can capture all the relevant details.

2. First thing to do here is to select the "Reply Type". You have 2 options to select from, Reply to DM and Reply to comment via DM

Reply to DM - This is to be selected when you want to send an outbound message to the customer based on a direct message received from the customer.

Reply to comment via DM - This is to be selected when you want to send an outbound message based on the comment made by the customer. If you want to use multiple actions in the same workflow remember that first action will be a "Reply to comment via DM" and subsequent actions will be "Reply to DM".

3. After selecting the reply type we have to configure the message that needs to be sent. You can select from pre existing templates or even right your own message.

4. User also have the ability to attach files. Click on "Add attachment" and select an attachment from your drive or enter the URL to add the files.

5. You can also add buttons with your messages. Now what are buttons, buttons are a great way to communicate with your customers and gives you the functionality to perform actions based on the button selection, share your number or share the website link.

Click on "Add Button" to add the buttons, you can add upto 3 buttons. 

6. There are 3 types of buttons to select from -

   a. Open website - Add a URL to this button. Enter the link here and user will go to that link when button is clicked.

   b. Call Number - You can enter the number here and user can call on that using this button.

   c. Perform Actions - This button can be used to further progress the conversation with the customer. You can add             actions after this button to continue the flow.

7. The first thing to be added in a button is the Button Name. Next is the selection from the 3 button types and last is        entering the phone number or URL for Call or Website button respectively.

8. Default Wait Time - This is a mandatory step. By default a wait time for 1 minute is added and it will be editable. After the given time has passed the contact will go to the "Default Branch"

9. Default Branch - A default branch will be available for the action all the time. If no reply is received from the customer or the "Call" action button is selected the contact will move to this branch.

  • Respond on comment action

This action is not supported by Facebook Group.

  • FAQs

1. Will respond on comment action work for Facebook Groups?

Ans - No, respond on comment action will not work for Facebook Groups.

2. Will first level comment tracking work for Facebook Groups?

Ans - No, this will not work for Facebook Groups.