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Learn the process of re-engaging with customers who missed out on your initial campaign by resending the same content for amplified results.
Studies show that users often overlook a significant portion of their emails, presenting an opportunity for a second chance to engage them. However, it's important to balance carefully as repeated emails can lead to complaints and unsubscribes. Here's a guide to help you navigate this process effectively.

The main objective:

  1. Increase engagement of our campaigns.
  2. Ensure we do not end up with multiple complaints and unsubscribes.

Things to consider before resending:

  • Timing is crucial: Resend the campaign within a day of the original send time to minimize the risk of unsubscribes and complaints.
  • Select emails to resend: Choose impactful emails for resending, as they are less likely to result in negative feedback. It is advisable to use it if you regularly see open rates above 20%
  • Modify the subject line to catch the recipient's attention and avoid appearing repetitive.
  • Limit resending to once, as multiple attempts may annoy recipients and can lead to damaged sender reputation

How to resend rmails:

  1. Navigate to the Email Marketing section.

  2. Select the campaign you want to resend and click on the three dots for options.

  3. Choose "Resend email to Unopened."

  4. Specify the schedule time and the subject line for the resent campaign.

  5. Confirm, and a new campaign with the same content will be scheduled.


  1. We have set a resend window of 12 hours to 10 days to ensure an optimal balance between maximum engagement and minimum complaints/unsubscribes, following industry standards. It's essential to adhere to this window for best results.

  2. Resend is not available for batch schedule, RSS and A/B Test Campaigns in this release

  3. Rescheduling a resend email is not possible this release, you would have to delete it and schedule the resend again

  4. Currently for SMTP, this feature would not show desired results because of insufficient metrics we are receiving for the logical operation in the backend. We will soon fix this and update. 

Resending campaigns to non-openers can significantly enhance engagement metrics if done correctly. By following these guidelines, you can effectively utilize this strategy while minimizing the risk of negative feedback from our audience.