We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature in our client portal experience—Single Sign-On (SSO) Magic Links for individual client portal apps! This enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and efficient user experience. With SSO Magic Links, accessing your favourite client portal apps is now easier than ever.

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How to generate and use Magic Links:

Users can effortlessly generate magic links directly from the Client Portal Dashboard for individual client portal child apps, including Courses, Communities, and Affiliates. 

  1. Go to Client Portal Dashboard: Navigate to the client portal dashboard on Highlevel platform.
  2. Access Actions Menu: Click on the "Actions" menu located in the dashboard.
  3. Generate Magic Link: Select the "Generate Magic Link" option from the menu.
  4. Choose Relevant App: Choose the relevant Contact or Client Portal child app (Courses, Communities, or Affiliates) for which you want to generate the magic link.
  5. Generate the Link: Click on the "Generate" button to create the magic link for the selected app or contact
  6. Utilize the Magic Link: Once generated, use the magic link to access the chosen app directly without the need for a separate sign-in process.

  • Magic links can be seamlessly embedded as custom menu items within the client portal.
  • To use Custom Menu magic links, go to Agency ➝ Settings ➝ Custom Links and add your desired link as a menu item

Sub-Account and agency users can now enjoy the convenience of direct access to their respective child apps without undergoing a separate sign-in process. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience.