Experience stress-free TikTok Personal/Business posting with our platform! Say goodbye to push notification hassles and embrace seamless, direct posting. 

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✨ Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual push notifications and save time in content distribution.

⏰ Consistent Scheduling: Plan ahead and ensure a well-timed presence on TikTok without daily manual intervention.

?  Enhanced Planning: Strategise your content effectively, considering optimal posting times and frequency for better audience engagement.

? Reduced Stress: Automate the posting process for a smoother, stress-free content creation experience.

? Improved Engagement: Reach your audience when they're most active, leading to increased engagement.

? Better Analytics:Track post performance and optimize your content strategy over time.

? Multi-Platform Integration: Streamline content distribution across multiple social media accounts effortlessly.

**How to do Direct Tiktok Posting?**

1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner

2. In Social Planner, Create new post by selecting the social Tiktok Personal or Business Account

3. To create new post, add following

  • Add content for your post
  • Who can view the video - Everyone, friends and only me
  • Allow users to do duet, comment and stitch on video shared
  • Disclose the video content when shared

4. User can schedule the post directly for Tiktok

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