The Multiple Dashboards feature is a groundbreaking addition to the GHL platform, enhancing your dashboard experience and providing unprecedented flexibility. With this update, users can create, manage, and customize multiple dashboards, tailoring their data visualization to unique needs. The introduction of these features empowers users to elevate their analytical capabilities, offering a more intuitive and personalized experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Users can now go beyond the constraints of a single dashboard, allowing them to organize and view data in a way that suits their preferences.
  • Time Savings: The ability to clone dashboards simplifies the process of creating new dashboards, saving time and effort for users who need similar configurations.
  • Granular Control: Custom permissions ensure that data is shared selectively, with users having precise control over who sees specific dashboards.
  • Organized Insights: The option to delete dashboards and pin favorites enables users to maintain a clutter-free and organized dashboard environment.


Feature 1 - Creating Dashboard

Users can create new dashboards to curate data and insights according to their specific needs. This functionality is available to users on the $497 and higher plans, including both Agency and Account users. 

Feature 2 - Clone Dashboards

This feature enables users to duplicate existing dashboards, streamlining quick modifications and minimizing repetitive setup. Both users with Full and View-only access have the capability to clone an existing dashboard

Feature 3 - Manage Permissions

Dashboard Owners can customize access to individual dashboards, ensuring that data is shared selectively and securely.

Feature 4 - Delete Dashboards

Dashboard Owners can remove dashboards they no longer need, decluttering their workspace.

Feature 5 - Pin Dashboards

Users can prioritize important dashboards by pinning them for quick and easy access.