Tailor your dashboard experience by setting custom permissions according to your preferences. Whether you prefer privacy or collaborative sharing, our platform allows you to customize permissions seamlessly. Learn how to manage permissions for your dashboards with the following steps.


Step 1: Setting Up Permissions While Creating a New Dashboard

  • Customize permissions during the dashboard creation process. For detailed instructions on creating a new dashboard, refer here

Step 2: For an existing dashboard, click on the 3 dots

  • Navigate to the dashboard you want to manage. Click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Step 3: Click on "Manage Permissions"

Step 4: Update Permissions

  • Choose between "Private" to keep the dashboard exclusively for yourself or "Everyone" to share it with the rest of the users in your account. Optionally, select the permission type for everyone – either "Full Access" or "View Only."

Step 5: Save Your Changes

  • Click on "Save" to apply the updated permissions.


  • Only dashboard owners or creators have the authority to manage or update permissions.
  • Permissions for the Default Dashboard cannot be altered.

Wondering which plan unlocks the customizable multiple Dashboards?
It's currently available exclusively for the $497 plan and beyond. If you're on the $97 or $297 plan, we recommend leveling up to unlock this feature. 

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