Bot training equips the Conversation AI Bot with the knowledge and information needed to understand your business and respond to users. There are 2 ways to train your bot in the "Bot Training" section of the Conversation AI settings page in your sub-account settings:

  1. Web Crawler - Through web URLs and public links
  2. Customize Bot Responses - Adding Question and Answer pairs

Train Your Conversation AI Bot with Web URLs

The bot can be trained by providing URLs to webpages and blogs (yes, plural) to help the bot understand your business and respond to your contacts effectively.

There are 3 different web crawling modes available.

  1. Exact URL
  2. All URLs on this Path
  3. All URLs on the Domain

Read more here for each crawling mode and managing the uploaded links using the table

Enter a URL and click "Get Data". Follow the steps to train the bot.

Manually Update Your Conversation AI Bot with Question & Answers

Manually add question-answer pairs to customize your bot's responses. This method allows you to fine-tune the bot's knowledge to address specific questions from your users. Add Q/A by:

  1. Access the "Conversation AI" settings in the sub-account
  2. Locate the "Bot Training" tab
  3. Click "+ Add FaQ" and provide a question and its answer
  4. Repeat this process for each question-answer pair

Q/A can also be added by providing feedback ("Thumbs Down") to the Bot's response in the "Bot Trial" and the conversation/contact screens.

Using Bulk Actions While Training Your Conversation AI Bot